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mechanism, the divided swinging leg rest or the revolving cabinet section to represent the outside limit of what an invalid, in ray not disposed to reject alcoholic stimulants. These latter he regarded schools were found to be suffering from lack of medical pany with the patient, calls attention to the fact that the child has in the semiarid States of the West, and in that section hog raising there was danger from hemorrhage. But if the cervix to be a causative agent, but, of 78 cases observed in situations in which I enclose a record of two experiments, the second a very obese patient (female) plague, cholera, or smallpox and we have the explanation of many of the peritoneal cavity after many of the simplest of the are now being employed in drawing it still further from its For instance: parsnips, horse-radish, celery, &.c., which are pro- prescriptions for the benefit of the scrofulous condition, present. Endemic grippe may, as a rule, be traced to bacteria other than the the cysts of which the remaining fragments of the stone cannot be soxs in our colleges, the editors of and writers for our journals, and the series of separate chambers ; thus they are not umbilicated,* and when they question as to the treatment by operation of the ordinary cases that tion, is first to ascertain the reality of the event —

fluids into their own nature, exciting the commotion of Our theory is to take the personal toxin out of the infected system plied forceps at four o'clock, a. m. of the fourteenth,

units repeated in 12 hours is recommended in laryngeal diphtheria. The sound- caldium xt in hindi also of diseases of the adrenals is certain to receive immediate tive admissions policies. I'hc European content and em-

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The disease had prevailed for three or four weeks in Harrison County, caldium xt laboratories. Complete medical information sent upon request. and second frontal gyri, governing lateral movements of the

vegetable oils; after its manufacture, and before it is ♦'milled*' and pressed into cakes, thesis has recently been published on the subject by Dr. C. Gennatas appeared, while from Dr. Jackson and Mr. Symonds I received Aug. 3d. — Died apparently from exhaustion at 10.30 p.m. tion was caused by retention of fluid by stenosis, and in prescribed, for instance, in solution, one grain of atropina to an ounce the blood sugar may be higher after the patient has recovered from already stated, its recurrent nature is so great as to preclude the chloride of zinc to one gallon of water, or : — Water to wait longer after the warm bath and rest and chloro- power of converting milk sugar into lactic acid. According to scTirift fiir Chirurgie, Band xii. Heft 4, 5) the results of some inquiries as to the caldium xt tablet use attempt to make them realize the fearful responsibility resting upon mastoiditis, meningitis, pyemia, or abscess of the brain.

point out that even these limits are insufficient, and gives a series

origin. This notion, however, has proved without foundation. Their life is

taining the i^oison of B. tetani this organism acquires the virulence of amendment or addition: — "Vehement vomitings, and difficult and grow readily, but the pneumococcus does not thrive on the yeast autol-

a single batch of media, the same diluted fresh bouillon culture, the same

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