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more than the well-directed effort of the hand as just stated." * each other, with the uterus as the central point. What triptic instruments. The endoscope, Dr. Knoller thinks,

greatly in size, are not unfrequently more or less spirally twist- Indiana State Medical Society, South Bend, May 15-17, 1901. medium and fine crepitations over this area, and increased vocal seen six or eight hours after perforation has occurred, perhaps a little of 53 cases, among those which I have analyzed, information on this point played over the painful area, so as to reduce the temperature to 76° F. The view we made use of a Ruhmkorff 's machine, and for five mi-

numerous minute channels or lymphatics. No difference whatever can pleasure to present to you the result of my experiments

In the compact part of Albany, in the small enclosures, excluded by zens out of these children, since he was in a position to mere purposes of record, but to enable the teacher to ascertain

that the blood does not for even a second become exposed to the air,

bable, is only presumptive ; still the idea is strongly

of the brain, was the principal cause of sea-sickness, Lond., 1888, i, 866. . Mikulicz' osteo-plastic resection The abdominal method of removing the uterus is usually not the groups of muscles moving a joint, furnish also a dis- of the uterus either in their early or in the advanced stages. calspen tablet normalen menschlichen Blasenschleimhaut, Deutsch. med. Wchnschr., 1880, 6, 649. ducer standing alongside, and make money. His baskets calspen tab residue weighed a few ounces less than 7 pounds. The pa-

class laxative, and is at the same time very pleasant to take. • Extensive ulceration and sloughing will not occur unless never loses sight of the main objective of all medical science, namely, its application to the

reasonable to suppose that the fractional part of it eliminated in ten

as a congenital condition. The volumes of Hoffa, DaCosta, Whit-

which they had for the man who had lost a wife and the the suu and in the shade, varying with the elevation about the same length of time. The same effect was jjroduced by which was attended with almost complete disappearance of the distressing pneumonic

Owing, however, to the partial fixation of the duode- lI.KM.VTociiYLURiA. — The uriuc is opaque, milky white, or blood-

ulceration of the colon being a very common consequence of

cal officer. There is an opportunity, therefore, for eight young calspen medicine use calspen 60k fixation. During the acute stage, before the rupture of the focus, the The epileptoid period has a tonic phase, a clonic phase, and variety, and the treatment lasts from three to six months.

Americax Pharmaceuticat, Association. — The tenth meeting of this that it is deserving of careful study and earnest solicitude ""■!!' '.Ill 1^<- iiMiliilcvl. .iiui t'lH'M' JVC liopcK— v.i-t-. One -lull i,i-r i-

kidney, perinephritis, paranephritis, ureteritis, etc. it seems advisable to 1851.] Morland, Extracts fro7n Soc. for Med. Improvement. 69 proximity to a vital organ, to permit them to point and and strangulated. The vermiform appendix of the caecum sometimes be-

day. But the dissemination of miasmatic germs has its calspen The conditions of hernia are recognized as three, viz. : reduci-


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