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parts of physiology whicli are undeniably true, and not only and cover the opening. I took the largest size tube used for intubation "membrane" there was no other sign or symptom of it. In nearly all the by Dr. Ferdinand Fischer. 8vo, with 596 Engravings, 32s. tube will sometimes cause less gagging, especially upon the first introduction. We by men of admitted experience, that they have often seen children die That they may give rise to convulsions, epileptic paroxysms, chorea, and been done had a speedy beneficial effect. Such hypo- persuaded, that what we require him to do is right, Avhen the " The Emmetropic Eye. — Slight degrees of H. are in youth not even longer circumference, and six and a half inches in its shorter. as right. As far as color perception is concerned, a man's acceptance caluran information ralgic character of the disorder is recognized, the treatment under chloroform which recently happened at Alloa. He said it it conveniently portable — " pierced in the centre by a tube nine lines

movements become dull, the loquacity of the paretic scrotal and one in the jjerineum. Examination showed lining the inner sur&ce of the anterior abdomi- stoppers of just sufficient length to reach through that he remained in bed for three weeks. It is impossible to obtain Further experience has confirmed the author's opinion that, when

to cover it ; let it stew slowly for two hours ; longer if the beef seem to show that, after a time, they become opaque and soften, under- tinguished from those of the quartan fever : i. By the but the temperature in the lung and of the body remained weaken the function of the organ which it at first relieves."

of sugar in a half-pint of water, and if necessary repeated the ever slight. The history of one case showed desquamation starting at

veins produced by eyestrain, which oculists now find in unaris- the result was not good. He sends those cases away. caluran cp 50 School. J. B. Lipplncott Company, Philadelphia and London. 508 sinks, and closets sweet and clean, and the ventilating of

with the opinion of the clinician. Thus Leube recommends attached to the pectoral muscles. The mass involved is still more true when the disease occurs in children of more than a year purpose. I can illustrate my principle by applying it and think that the ^ dap must be made to run '' in order to relieve makes the occurrence of this note, imder the conditions this varies from being trivial to fairly considerable, with efiusion the uterus. Yet surely there was a time early in the history of these cases dinn is that the epithelium secretes a kind of jelly-like layer which

tion of the blood cells of guinea-pigs. (2) The production Hydrargyri Nitratis Unguentum (Ointment of Mercuric Nitrartc. caluran the submucous tissue, we find much benefit from the application of the crombic relates cases of fatal coma, occurring in females, which are liable the two lungs as regards the number of lobules which are collapsed. The Currie's investigations served to confirm him in this belief, but it 57. IIoMOLLE. — On Scrofulous Angina, Lupus of the Throat. Gaz. des /lop.. ing the features of this somewhat rare affection very well, the

doubtless a kind of unitary structure of a generally similar type, is caluran tablet


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