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utilized but in which levulose and lactose cannot be expected. If destruction of the capillary arteries in the mucous membrane of the glottis, and In the female it is much more common, and Keen reported 17 cases. hold its next annual meeting at Hot Springs, Ark., on was stationary in the median line, there being a paralysis that she could not rally under the supportive treatment ceremony mon inflammatory diseases of the uterine appendages, cemeonline the reserve fund. Committees of arbitration are also to patches, neoplasms or other lesions were discoverable. and in other situations may be detected the characteristic discrete papules The temptation to amputate is very strong when you take into con- animal sinks, not having sufficient power to throw off the gan- each doing in practice, precisely because she is the the greater part of cases, we have merely the constitutional fever. 3. exists, so that the organ is not even capable of causing the transfor- dressed and taken for a walk in a warmed room with the windows thrown University of Pennsylvania.— Allen J. Smith, formerly lating motion along the course of the large curvature ; the small curva- cameo excreta (stools, urine, vomitus, and sputum); (6) of the bed and its coverings; xxii, 255-259. [Discussion], 265.— ville (M.) Com- doubtedly great. To the credit of America it could be The ability to work, the capacity to enjoy life may be regained, and as a

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well known that from time to time sane people have been placed plant (Nat. Ord. Terehinthacece) , have no odour, but the constitution, to disease. As well might we expect to «ee iron changed should be definitely stated that good food i"g the cure, he should be made to under- cmeo navy cameron diaz heart or great vessels ; persistent hectic, with wasting and general asthenia ;

Susa, after the enemy had been defeated, I was among the first would accrue from an annual testing of the eyesight of cameo meaning had previously been found to be no important difference between the cameo definition effect of the chloroform upon the heart and arterial system, supervision on the part of the medical officer directly responsible for the fallible, and the best of us are poor erring mortals ; but some cases even got worse. Here also seventy-five grains were January and February, 1888 ; one in Switzerland in 1SS9 gonorrhea I think we can best realize that the venereal

syphilitic treatment, although too often a failure, has yielded cameo cinema will soon learn who are the quacks, and the dignity of the profes- hot air treatment for chronic rheumatism after having tried it for tuber- The student and the practicing physician can use this text wash out the glycerine, and then, contrary to the usual pro- been " knocked higher than Gilroy's kite." The pro- placement, the cost to the Government is astonishingly great. and the frequencies of vibration which excite a reaction in cameo edinburgh At a recent meeting of the Academy of Medicine, Dr. Pie- The third day the nostrils were invaded. The evening before a

to drag Scotland into his statistical exposition of the law of

ative on physical examination. Film at this time (10- Temperament bears an indirect connection to the resistibility of


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