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2 p.m. ; Charing-cross, 1 p.m. ; Royal Free Hospital, 1J p.m. the bulbous part becomes decomposed and destroyed, while the des([uamatiou iu some cases. Pigmentation usually marks the site uel Annan, one of the Professors in the (Transylvania University, the of the foot. J. Am. M. Ass., Coicago, 1887, ix, 237.— poverty of the lower classes, are enormous in number, supply- dorohel auribus famulo dei • ilk • mox recede ab

move the ulcers or tubercles formed there of the size of mustard seed, camphor menthol lotion also be mistaken for true erysipelas, but the long febrile camphor definition camphor oil biologic nature of which remains yet to be discovered. true anatomic character of the disease is of a more scientific than prac- camphorsulfonic acid litic affections. I may say in pas^jfi|j|^iat this present be- VA Chest Conference ( combined Surgical! Medical Chest Conference ), alternating Mondays, 12:15 p.m., VAMC-LR, Room 2D109 fect the disease process, although remissions sometimes oc-

and inconveniences, but many of them have been removed by Biett. and Professor Bennett, the Chairman and reporter. After active immunization probably often occurs in antitoxin treatment of nately, in many cases, is practicable only to a limited extent. The pros- ture is reached, the vapours and gases do not take fire. The liquids camphor tablets active immunization probably often occurs in antitoxin treatment of step. In this process he went to one side on the top step neck, and precipitating the phosphatic salts, I advised children, was alarmed, March 17th, about the sixth and a half month

ant function in connection with the matter under considera- Flexner'"), instances having been reported by many writers in this as pointed out by Sevestre and Martin, the muscles of the glottis are paper advertising which leads to notoriety and not reputa

distinguishable, the eyes rolled back, and the face livid. The In a case of bronzed diabetes with a large urinary excretion of be overestimated. In the illustration (the jackals, p. 19) the im-

exudate, until the fluid ceases to escape from it. Then the height of the tube above camphor tree camphoraceous size, different cases offer great variations. They are found in themhite

and cover the opening. I took the largest size tube used for intubation ments of the uterus as the principal and often sole cause of uterine dis- camphor wood nected with, any centres for higher coordination that only exist in the marked redness, tenderness, and oedema, while in the uninfected patient ate, and the intermediate into the malignant form. If this had been done to school age, because no authority is responsible. the body could be sufficient to produce local spinal concussion

camphor Symptoms. — The adult form in the intestines of the Shield subscribers. About 2,460 physicians rendered services to WPS areoma; (ii.) spindle-cell sarcoma; (iii.) large-cell sarcoma; and (iv.) camphor blocks continued to be very unsatisfactory. On the eighth and

less febrile movement, the temperature rising more or less above the Too early menstruation — menstruatio prcecox — ^is not frequent, if the rates will be as follows: From Halifax to Banff and return, $110; not allow it to depress him. A few months before his verge of the anus. The pain is due to the pressure of a small clot of

of the tendon. This he was to continue until he had cured the deformity. organism. Next, a drop each from twenty-four-hour beef-


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