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Moore on Antecedents of, rei'., 473; of bladder, Dr.
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them. Ability will be proved and ripened — labour
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matters affecting the insane ; and has visited several
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fact, that a woman was for forty yeai-s an officer in
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brothers and myself raised a company of volunteers,
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any exposure. Every now and then he suffers from some catarrhal
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typhus, dysentery, diarrhffla. cholera, scarlatina, etc,
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must be regarded as still unsolved, and, indeed, has
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HuisH, Staff-Surgeon H., M.D., to be Surgeon 3rd Hussars, vice
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those relating to legal medicine and legislative medi-
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Sir, — In the last number of your Journal (Decem-
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It would be A source of great pleasure Ut me if I could secure
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it occasionally happens, that, if small in quantity, ab-
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The Antecedents of Cancer. By C. H. Moore, F.R.CS. Lon-
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were possibly persons of an extremely logical tivrn of
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in which the heart of a woman who died of cancer of the stomach
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ease visit man ?" If that at all differs from the ques-
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partly because the quantity withdrawn was insufficient. Pyogenic
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applied the long forceps to lessen the strain upon the
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thinly scattered eruption of elevated bright red spots,


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