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complete and fatal answer to the elimination theory could

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sort will be useful to the country practitioner, who will frequently be con-

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Evening. Has retained the pills, and taken five ; pulse 80 ; jaun-

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becomes distended and the peritoneal coat, tained a most interesting specimen, illus-

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of pneumonia would end in recovery if the patients were merely

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ture, die after the same period of time and with lesions similar

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advantages of prevention and cure of pelvic S'" ^'^^^ g^o^^ results, but its action must

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Glycerine. — It appears to be well established that the modes

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which has doubtless arisen from the fear that it would neces-

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openings and lines the cavity alfo. For tion of the overlying structures ; the sever-

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In the present state of the discussion, it of croup. On the other hand, we see cases

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patient's alarm, and as it can afterwards by this means be brought

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stand how anthrax has been brought to this countrj^ and why

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food ; very violent at times, especially on seeing his wife.

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wooden box, the lid and the two small sides of which were covered

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opinion of advanced physiologists is strongly in favour of the

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of muscular power in B complete ; partially so in S .

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to extend its applications. At the same time it seems the

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and the prevention of the recurrence of poisoning. For the

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In this day, when the complexity of civ- sound waves will be transmitted through a

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on that day, he had become tranquil. His nurse informed me

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this symptom is never of long continuance, as the muscular

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dose de 3, -4, 5, 6, decigrammes, on doit croire que dans ces cas il

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beneficial result. Under these circumstances Mr. S sought

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congested. There ma}^ be from the beginning marked indica-

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In dogs the stomach often contains a variety of foreign matter

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acid. The reactions are in the main those of benzoate of soda ;

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the Agricultural and Mechanical College. Jan. 1892.

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gies of increased diameter, as advised by Benique, or, finally, by

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Xocard says no. The experience of the last few years goes to

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its successful employment, and two of them were persons who

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general health, there was usually a sudden tremities is remarkably pale and much soft-

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Vomiting of black matter, which continued through the night, has

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(a) nonobstructive; (i^) obstructive. Non- ment that the stomach be occasionally

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With the present results, in the care of sanitorium during the existence of the dis-

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Medical Society of this city, inasmuch as it contains facts which

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every two hours or at longer intervals as the case may require.


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