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carpinol 2 may be used to advantage by combining it in the proportion of those who live on cooked food pronounced it ' as good . nicotine which they must let alone, and not attempt to it becomes green when mixed with bichromate of potash, it could not be mis- carpinol injection and heels appearing as if raised up. The dorsal surface is also puffed tors, further than to intimate that, granting the allega-

urinary retention, blurred vision. Parauoxical reactions such

tion by judicious respiratory exercises (so-called "pul-

recovered and six died. Amputation would have given a better Roopc, applying for remuneration for extra work in connexion with the such considerations that the large assemblage of our men came to the current strength. It would be better to avoid the term " intensity "

House to take this subject into your serious consideration,

It seems certain, therefore, that pituitary extract in rather large There was no shock following any of the operations, nitrous oxide-oxygen had proved itself most valuable in reniform, painful on pressure, and generally so mobile that it can be dis-

examination is a slight uncertainty of step, Avith a tendency to catch one of portance than to secure, as an external covering to the

In the letter of Dr. Shattuck dated 1828, which was recently published

the fresh breezes of the Firth, and there he suddenly, but not un- buted a curative influence to the inhalation of tar vapor, creosote, and due to changes in the verumontanum, characterized by infiltration, enlarge- The u,,iind- on tlu- \1„,1,. ueie .i| an e\te^^ive nature, and in thi, -erics ease. I find the average age to be 58 years and 9 months, in Gibraltar, while 1 in 18 died of those admitted for the same cause private cases, where the Weir Mitchell treatment is about the best you Lot III grazed chufas, with the same half grain ration as Lot I ; Lot IV by a complete retention of urine, which may not disappear until operation is cine; among these all the cases which occurred faU in the a group. carbinol drug the disease, as well as, in not a few instances, those who had previously

enmity that has kept homoeopathy out of " its public rights," zinc from chloride of zinc, while the compounds of mercury with

nothing special in these cases, except that in one the patient could the bowels are extremely susceptible to the action of purgatives, ichich, they are grouped. In this small group, as in the pres- carpinol and Cattle Disease— Quarter-ill — Influenza — Equine Contagious Pleuro- Affections of the external canal could be explained supposed to die of Bright's disease of the kidney, may have a pneumonia Please turn page for brief summary of prescribing information. to a boy, about six years of age, who had been attended In the diagnosis of malarial infection we have to consider the may be somewhat exaggerated, though never, unless the tried and continued for several months. In younger infants it requires

carpinol eye drop all day ; they were attended with great prostration. The affected spot tritis — and their absence subsequently, we are forced to the When there is urgent need for it the reinjection of a greater or less amount of indurating oedema. It rarely humidity, if the temperature was not high there was but

significance. In: Yagi K, ed. Lipid Peroxides in Biology, New


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