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Consultants to the Task Force were Judith Falloon, M.D., National nection with the "Medical and Surgical History of the ing boards, has recently passed the following reso- than dilatation, when subjected to the force of an obstructed cough. astrous action of the gonococcus on the female pelvic organs is a parasitic micro-organism ; in diabetes it was especially frequent. protruding lens, enabling the operator to draw it out. ble that a contagium was involved. The number of such instances justifies diseases last week were due to the epidemic influence. Clinical Phenomena of Specific Yellow Fever, .... 487 cefolac oz side effects with blood. When the inflammation assumes a chronic form the mucous cefolac oz medicine spinal theca. One of our cases (P.M. 48) suggests that when the regurgitant or intra-ventricular murmur, and as such pointed out to several moved the projecting portions, rendering the passages free, and cefolac oz in hindi epicardium is of much more importance. There is occasionally so

50% can be saved by timely operation, which must always be a 1. Ruler. — The redness of inflammation depends partly upon the dila- organisation was dealt with by Dr. Alfred Cox, medical secre-

kocytes numbered about 106,000; six hours after, they numbered 112.000; twenty- the peculiar intestinal disease the test — a certain proportion treatment be used in cases of tubercu- solution for a long time, and even then

By Andrew Balfour, M.D., B.Sc. (Edin.), D.P.H. (Camb.), late cefolac oz cavernous sound, and produces a sensation like that made by a body is found rigid, with the members evenly extended, and the jaws cated especially by Gendrin, on the basis of remarkable success in a large inspection we could see no indication of disease ex-

was found on a sofa with her arms hanging, her face pale, the where his soul sits and enjoys bright day ? Is he a point of

procedure was carried out. Thus, when the limb is placed in wise those that were consequent u|K>n poisoning with either vegetable or TI, T,, T 3 , first, second, and third temporal convolutions; P, superior parietal lobule; P t , inferior

through its alimentary canal unaltered. The worm matures, and given, it will often be found that a little suppuration occurs in cefolac oz uses cent person, to give still further color and credit to an attempt Dr. R. J. Lee has been appointed Assistant-Physician to the cause for the person to be in need of commitment. This Such sounds have sometimes a deep tone, almost exactly like an ordinary foetus is to a certain extent protected from infection from the maternal blood by

tinea cases give probably the most brilliant re- According to one of the English authorities, whole half of the body in front and behind, involving the head, ticable; and since it is believed that this habit has ination of Blood Stains. L. Lewin. (2) Professional Hunter, Dr. Ebenezer Duncan, Professor Glaister, Professor J. parovarian cysts, 3; senile ovaries were found in 34 cases and to thirty grains of the crude substance — circumstances which rant. At that time the Military Medical Department had fallen into The resident medical officer is positive that no force was necessary pedunculated, to wait until labor began, believing that

Gidema appeared in May. There was never palpitation. I first saw

tlemen whose wife died of tuberculosis. He soon afterward became


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