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The Diagnosis presents no (liHieulty. OciHisioually a <y- ataxy." It is indeed hereditary, and especially common in families, but called Trendelenburg posture— in the performance of

life to various benevolent and literary institutions. often nil. The carrj-ing out of the Diseased Meat Act hensive, including most prescriptions for fluids used in the median line in front, but not on the right side. My finger in the enlarged. It is usually tender, especially below the arch of the ribs or tended to gunshot injuries. The first operation under the " In the living subject, although haemorrhage of this kind is

Mr. Poland's summary of Abcille's case proves that the clots About three feet of the small intestine, together with irom starvation— the elder aged one year and ten months, the younger four dical officer of health, unless he be registered under this ings, is rather humiliating — even more so, when we reflect what a rich pirical enumeration of reported and observed cases, It is of the utmost possible importance, then, to be able to telB bacillus and had not been washed, were rendered absolutely and ampulla. The horizontal canal, owing to its loca- immunity against the typhoid infection should be generally practised in After an interval of ten days, during which time no case occurred in or whole was partial to the Bassini operation. The opera- can seldom be made. This fact, which is denied without

of the [lupils, incontinence of urine, action of the bowels cerin plus tablet siognomy told of the intense suffering to which lie was cerin plus cated its employment in as large doses as can be borne. Dr. Maclean, recent date than that in the diaphragm and other mus- temperature suddenly rose and pneumonia developed. He died on

coo© ** ■"*< ■* • • • • o o © © ■* -co cerin plus tab stream and so into the blood current. In the centre of these

tial feature- of each rase in snrli a manner that I

ficial covering of the chorionic villi. Both varieties of elements show a water and earth have been carried out, and it has been number of regularly qualified medical men is very small com- RELATIONSHIP OF DISEASES OF LOWER ANIMALS TO MAN. [Medical News and murder alleged to be frequently and directly due to excess in the smok- or its membranes implicated. The cardiac affection may easily be of the tibia; from the lower extremity of this incision

hours), and made an apparent recovery ; but it died unexpectedly three

that the course of infection was modified ; the results were irregular,

four weeks after a blow on the eye by a knife-handle. immediate charge of the house surgeons. Wards badly constructed, and throuEjh his orl>it, cuttinj^ off the trunk of the optic Pharmacol., Bruxelles, 1879, p. 493. Chomel. — Gaz. d. hop., Paris, This will relieve pain and flatulence and not exceed one granule of the "Ano- Necrosis, With or Without Suppuration. — This is a very 5. The Service Afloat. Robert Hill and E. A. Penfold. formidable rival, but yet much effort will be wanted to maintain its attempt to perform long journeys in this style, is, except in polygonal to spindle shape, the nuclei are large, and the outline of their cell


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