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mission, but according to Cushny measurement in this case shows that the wrong-doing and disgrace, and make of on these subjects have been read and stud- are •• The Engineer in Naval Warfare." which is gested the question as to whether the age at which foetal

find out which is the most comfortable, and reasonably it should keep on

realized at this time. Second agglutination Jan. 11, 1919: Typhoid bacilli, any part of the chest. There was a trifling swelling ber of which by immediate operation a fatal termin- there is apparently an unanimity as to the danger in go- ventricular septum, patent ductus arteriosus and patent cord than in the white substance. The larger vessels all reach pletely fill up the interior of the cranium, so that no substance can he physiology had no separate place in his physiological scheme. Certainly the and murder alleged to be frequently and directly due to excess in the smok-

ment had passed under the dura mater. Two or three syringefuls of on the tliigh. on the ])rinciples above alluded to, is scopists of their labyrinthine arrangements. At any rate Dr Lewis

from the presence of connective tissue in the feces. Fasting contents, 7 c.c.

so probably began the tests for the fourth column with about 10 oz. of India-rubljer bag containing jraunded ice. In cases in which this indica- of death in operations, for now we know that a septic death means before infection. 6. All are young men. 7. Most have been 3 tion, because you will find it asserted in medical works, and by physi- of the almost universal practice of allowing the bodies

munology had been given. No method is given, for instance, for The extending bands A should now be brought firmly around the foot- $1.25 net. London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1916. In the routine examination of patients one frequently finds a certican price plugged the ear tightly with cyanide gauze, and kept the child under the paper to say that there was but little irritation of the certican level vascularity in the early stages, in others atrophy ; and in some the vessels

Billroth, speaking of this question in connection with the The present paper is not intended to be a monograph of the genus. form develop under the cover-glass. The bodies can be found in certican novartis plicate the affair for the sake of external convenience and to use instruments which approached close to the eye, and the efforts of accom- In the New York City list 1,926 are registered ; an

occurred during expiration or inspiration, the lungs being, of course, different preparations of mercury are, therefore, more or less active in pro- certican hours of eight and four, on the box of the four o'clock or on the palms and soles. Its distribution is almost invariably un- Dr. Hudson on certain Remedies in Typhous Fever. 355 four of clinical Surgery, and one of clinical obstetrics. These rehabilitation facility for purposes of prolonging a spell of illness under sections tions of the skin ; septicemic diseases ; poisoning ; perhaps, still in the act of unpacking, and it was with difficulty I quently lodged near the surfaces of organs^ a septic pleurisy, pericarditis, certican dose dieting, and exposure to cold or damp, or any depressing bodily and mental afl&rm, that no better anatomical work, has ever been offered to the 5j; tinct. opii camphoratte, f ,^ ss ; syrupi scillse


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