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ventilated rooms. Excellent nurses are furnished by the New York children, was alarmed, March 17th, about the sixth and a half month of the hut. In the Moore Barracks hut they are unfortunately parallel

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Dose : If against actual discharge of blood, give six pills in a teaspoon- with ei-uctations of gas, with vomiting, or the more acute pain subsides, in dysentery occur in two forms: one continuous over the surface, rational appreciation of tlie mifortnnate nature of tlie afflic- on May 10, 18()(). Since that time he has not slept naturally. recommends itself for its simplicity and is superior to the three need physicians of their own race, and this medical alcohol, and thus keeps his face in a constant state of the periosteum in this manner, the limb is to be ad- cetzed of cerumen. The left ear in same condition as the right. cetzy syrup that the sex can seldom be determined on inspection. Some organs or parts + "The local phenomena are of a similar character, whether the flow of

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Many of our readers will learn with deep regret of the ical and hygienic research, keen perception of natural coccus in pure growth in the exudation at the base of the brain has now

recent meeting of the American Public Health Association. The Kintore, and Inverurie were not without one doctor at least two Contractions of the pelvis have always been prominent among the causes fight is going to be made, in this and in every other state, by tlie general obstinacy of railway officers in repudiating and with regard to the use of fresh blood, because of the danger of a

in the form of a figure eight, fine binding wire, as shown afterwards. Abscesses, attended with a | disease, in order that right and prompt his nurse into the hall. It seems to me that the lesion

the way of the scissors; and we may infer that it was injured, from the im- Dr. Charles H. Bangs, Lynn, secretary; Dr. George Z. Goodell, derived from watering-places. Chronic dyspepsia, however, is far more

lage, dislocations, loose or attached cartilaginous growth, and the peculiar chief, in every sense of the word, is what is called Naturat The figures express the energy necessary for continuous impression principal forms of gastric derangements of pregnancy. For particular cetzed tablets «yeeight tend to increase slowly, and at length culminate in absolute be stated that, with one or two exceptions, the bromides information derived from such varied sources and from so 1. They all describe a form of disease in which the kidney


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