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effective means of improving the respiration, of aiding expectoration,
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structure of the skin and the relation of the cutaneous nerves to the
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closed (Wintrich's sign), there being dulness when the mouth is closed
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hydrsemia, and with a deficiency of haemoglobin in the blood,
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the stratum reticularis, the elastic fibres form a network which, by
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proceed to the petechial stage. In this type the development of serious
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reach 104-1 04f° F. (40.3° C). When the temperature rises above 105°
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synovitis, affecting one or oftener several joints, and a chill or a series
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organism protects itself against threatening dangers or deleterious in-
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as to their weight, and make a well-balanced ration with car-
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have been observed, the appetite and the food furnished us
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" The teacher of clinical medicine has now so many duties to perform
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in milder ones some good wine, such as port, sherry, or madeira. It is
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made use of the wet pack since 1884, and had found that it caused
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with cold water. He was led to its application in this disease by the
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carditis or extensive pleurisy, cardiac failure, collateral congestion with
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gaining a good official, loses a competent and faithful physi-
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Pel and Ebstein have described a febrile condition which sometimes
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self wakefulness and restlessness at night are very annoying, and later
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Conclusions. — In the absence of personal experience in the treat-


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