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cial tendency to involve the palms and soles will serve to dis-

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gencies of the times have drawn from civil practice for our own rcjjiments, there

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Case 12. — C. B., set. 48, a labouring man, was admitted under my

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affection, and, for the purpose of making a more careful nasal examination,

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from the hands by bathing them for a sufficient time in

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“Bright’s disease” developed in the sister. Our

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82.00 per day and up. .i3 tine sample rooms for traveling

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Finally, we have been informed by Dr. Francis Delafield, one

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1875, a case of melanosis is referred to. Since that time the J

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"Hydatid Tumours" of the female breast must ever remain a

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evacuant treatment. K the intestinal wall or the peritonaeum be ex-

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[31] Clough and Richteb. Bull. Johns Hopkins Hosp., 1918, xxix, p. 86.

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By the time, therefore, that it has involved the liver to such an extent

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many cases doubtless recover without perforation or

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Rec, T., 1890, xxxvi'i, 613-616. — Ziegler ( S. L. ) A

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the way were numerous, and some were piolongcd most unnecessarily, as it

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Vincent's angina, together with numerous tv^jes of pyogenic 01

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Treatment would be on the same lines as ' ascariasis."

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Intemship/Residency, Duke University Medical Center,

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sister colony of Massachusetts. In 1633, members of the

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An inquiry, now completed, into the symptoms of for-

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base of the acromion, formed by a sort of bend that the spine makes

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that we should be keeping our implied agreement with our sub-

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A. Storck, Lyons. — J. P. Henry Contagne, " La folic au point de

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sensible to light Sometimes the respiration is devoid of

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a first known attack of pellagra at 127 Burnett Street in the spring of

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after bavin;; tho baby placed in the nurse's lap, with the head


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