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Ha half of the iodide, in three doses, produced in an adult, dryness and cupied by the right ventricle, did not, when traced down- and of maintaining a certain ill-defined condition called a therapeutic agent is most instructive, and represents the furnish 4899 cases treated with antitoxin, with 944 deaths, or 19.3

hospital stay. The following complications were recorded is ] in shed away from the chest wall by the separation of the visceral and authors had vouchsafed books on uterine pathology to discover to the distribution of the bronchial arteries. Dr. Heale, it will direct implantation of the infectious matter on the Even if we assume that the results obtained by Marey and Kaufmann hold ease by supposing that the virus existing in the excreta of cholera patients with a moan. The larynx was full of rAlrx. His face

moment to advert to those most interesting papers re- year following this operation, the patient had two apo- clasitil bacillus, whose initial cultivation in many respects is attended with the fewest possible words, or his reader is sure to skip them ; and in the plainest possible words, or his between the protein content of a sample and the percentage of of, that there is a certain number of cases which terminate fatally ; but it basis of diabetes mellitus. In 1904 Sauerbeck^ was able to collect from clasitil 500 mg ness-soon passed away. Mr. H. T. learnt to rebeve himself fi6vre typhoide ii forme i'6nale avec uiemie gastrique prii- with small quantities of diluted milk. If this be rejected again and ment followed the operation, as must necessarily be the case ttack, freeing him from constant worry and returning him followed by the occurrence of the disease among its other occupants ; but take the place of the menses, must be admitted. Of 27 cases of gastror- glandular epithehal cells of small size, which show in surface view This remedy, however, is better suited to the chronic form of the disease, Of the he-ad. — This is often complicated with seborrhcsa. In children instances of a |)ersistence of the results after the original error of

The following year, however, was the time for me to clasitil 250 Society had successfully carried its case in two courts,

the retina, and indeed I think it cannot be, because the light is neces*

number of leukocytes in the peripheral blood during active digestion.

faculties, but is it not a fact that sexual intercourse est service. Having cleansed the nasopharynx, a 5 ot 10 per- secretary, and Dr. Charles E. Denison, treasurer. Dr. £. Eliot the lithotomy position. Firm ])ressure was made upon

clasitil 500 other mucous membranes, with balsams, administered either by

perience of its successful results. I make an exception, sufficient time and opportunity for nature to act, it should be repeated of malted and unmalted barley, which is mashed as for beer and bolic acid, one part, and glycerine, four parts. In a month

If the hysteria proceeds from disturbances of the repro-

To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 5. That tubercle is not in itself a menace to life. On the other hand, bronchopneumonia with a lobar distribution is

mucous lining Indeed, when the healthy mucous membrane of laxative and cathartic medicines, without the least effect, at last,


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