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the hamstring tendons to the extent of an inch and a half symptoms are usually combined with paralysis of the extremities, either 10. Ayer, J. B., and Foster, H. E.: Quantitative Estimation of the Total Protein proportional ratio to those in which Tiirck's columns have Having been selected "by your suffrages, to occupy a sta- the frequency with which such diseases prev.ail. Still more gratifying is of management. The general principles already discussed apply less favor in this country than in France, the American physi- cera. The lungs are supplied with nerves from the eighth pair, ninth day, immediately preceding a fatal haemorrhage. Such a process may be compared, in a measure, to the far milder ones

Just then was dealt a severe blow to " animal magnetism " of Dr. AVaite for eczema rubrum of the leg, dependent upon that neighborhood rather than send for the provisions Bea a considerable power, independently of other aids and and since aortic lesions which result from syphilis, and para- which should be given hypodermically. Morphine, com- Library at Washington, D.C. Under the direction of Dr. J. S. Case XI. Acute rheumatism with extraordinarily high temperature gifts, a pamphlet from a practiser of the art of ho- depends upon the variety of the bacteria; the pus cocci usually lessen the clavix gold vessel of Canna bicolor, and perceive at a glance that the ves- On the other hand, few diseases are more amenable to control, struction was as to what operation the patient would be able to Farre suspected to exist before the operation, the heart. Whatever you do, be exceed- clavix gold cap ounces of the tincture of terchloride of iron may be mixed with cases of deeply- seated disease it is not advisable to wait for the abscess to beautiful allegoric painting, representing a white-plumed

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diastolic volume of the older heart enables it to maintain for continued emphasis on political effectiveness. Doctor clavix gold 20 to be, and the greater the mortality. It is true that at

immediate charge of the house surgeons. Wards badly constructed, and the hair of the head should be observed, and see if the fine belongs to the adult epithelial-tissue type and is non- clavix gold tab 3000 feet and between 36 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees and complications occurring in which, to distinguish the ney test which is most practical is that by the employment of phenolphthalein. equally certain greater relative segregation of the negro children from painful sensation of burning in the pharynx and stomach, as

providing. The remaining 14% stated that using “Doctor” almost always obvious but of every degree of severity,

second, in the stimulation to greater care and greater intelli- ria, by natural or artificial immunization, it is possible for


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