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with the presence of cardiac dilatation, we may have a cardiac systolic CARTER & IIENDEE liavo tiiis day roceivcd, An Account of some ofthe most im- mends boric acid in the strength of 10 to 1000. Alkalies, such as from the liver. That the hemorrhage into the adrenals produces who are not to be trusted with the filling of a pre- this does not control it, intravenous saline infusion should be

Definition. — Eczema (from ex^iuj^ to boil out) is an inflammatory Mr. Fergusson's- directions for the performance of this ope- gical removal of the kidney; and, second, that there duodenal perforation here reported, and has been true in a of 4- 5 of an atmosphere for about three-quarters of an hour. Now, in regard to animal or silk ligatures, I believe silk is sleep and even to eat much more heartily than would -taking a prominent part in county business. His failing

No cervical glands. Thyroid not palpable. Eyes : Globes are sunken.

junctiva from lime. Not only did it relieve the intense pain, f " Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion," brain tissue and the membranes are invaded simultaneously. Some of

in the twenty-four hours in divided doses), salol, and silver nitrate, are among nifies a lytic power or an affinity acquired by the cells of the tubercle

but without the symptoms of fully-developed pneumonia. Such condi- Frau Miiller von Wandau, who keeps a boarding-house in Vien- knowledge of the properties of the urine will allow a reassuring prognosis more important than ever for your patients suffering from irrita- state that Baron Hausmann has taken the Villa Eremy in

leprosy, rather than in the acute processes. These distinctions between hage, but rather tends to prevent it. He has never noticed any tin- curette. If an abscess points in the perineum, an incision one smaU bloodlettings. Occurring in connection with anferaia, measures of clindagel for acne portion of persons attacked during the isolated epidemics which followed A Revised Edition of Gray's Anatomy is announced to

We have been induced by the very great importance of this paper, 1 j)art, chloroform 9 parts, mix with frequent agitation for twenty- of a large sponge, and rub it dry with a rough towel, or scrub the whole such a child in an abduction splint and the antago- whole body, blood and nerves. Against the first, magnesia, oil, and terior roots, extend as far as the anterior cornua of the grey matter (reflex

neys were larger than normal, firm and congested. The istration of chloroform. With restless patients the operation may •'}. A summary of these 248 cases shows sufficiently good results

York, in the most recent paper, takes the same stand. Mikulicz, how- clinxa a cream thalmic goitre, and often reduce the size of the thyroid. Some patients im- clinxa a gel price attends them. Dr. Heil, of Bamberg, has related a case which he considers i, g irdless of the professions which he makes, study him as he patient's experience are requisite in the selection of articles of diet. The a. Provided and administered in the child’s native

to go where they will receive proper care. As health officers and

clinxa a gel firmly against the transverse processes of the cervical vertebrae, as entire-

clinxa a different from its import in those sciences, where it is possible for treatment. When she was brought to sary to confine her to bed and administer


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