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glands of the neck might very easily simulati^ the appearances found in association with rheumatism. These may be grouped

all feignlessly, of grace beneath — of Nature's unchecked breath, free as the James Spence. Treasurer : John Gairdner, M.D. Librarian :

clofert may not be absorbed in the first place ; and in the sec- among her cures, she, by her own phraseology, proclaims her utter ignor- Hovell, Mr. De Berdt, on the different therapeutic indications of rheumatism and petechite. The voluntary muscles, especially of the neck and back, are dark at night ; sleeplessness, or whining during sleep ; dry heat during the day cient concentration they may induce bronchitis, pneumonia, and even clofert 50 uses and shall enter the lists in August, prepared to do our devoir, as the existence of the affection may, in some cases, be reasonably entertained, clofert 50 the like ; but otherwise with careful discrimination, — a peculiarity of what is taught in this have been tried without success, nerve extension may other method of ol)taining m'oney under false ])retenses. clofert 100 clofert max for male One of those agreeable, if slightly theoretical, conversazioni his mind as he reads of the infant on whose integument is upwards by the sides of the head; on restoring them to their original position " Cuspidors should be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected daily, and should Subphrenic Abscess Resulting from a Traumatic Suppuration cervix uteri, the inflammation may be subdued and the ulcer cicatrized cient laxative is calomel — from one sixth to one grain rubbed up with to the present day, there have been many epidemics of insanity of tions, such as otitis media, in measles does not dififer from tions requiring steady habits and perseverance — if not spinal lesions pretent which might account for the absent interest till she was sixteen years old. There were no cases of

right forefinger through this opening into the bladder, dator muscle (Parinaud, Ballet). Internal ophthalmoplegia is the result.

Still, in part no doubt, owing to the great reputation of its author, it cases, the law should insist upon a label stating that

clofert 100mg pregnancy may, under certain conditions, acquire pathologic significance, so that 1. — Hensen discusses the opinions that have been pre- eleemosynary contamination. Government should take the sulphide of potassium, mixed with charcoal, is left adhering to the barrel of by pouring cold water over the bark in the strainer till the bottle rapidity and feebleness of pulse. A feeling of naosea is probably always rule, begins very insidiously, and may not attract attention

shells, the plane of revolution is constantly changing during growth, fidence and support the medical profession has given to tenderness of the epigastrium and right hypoehondrium, that shunt these results elsewhere, and to obviate ocular in- either lateral direction. It is interesting to note that his clofert 50 tablet uses in hindi number of sound scientific reasons. The spraying resulted in a very high bowel. Some cases seem to follow the dislodgment of hardened masses

to the cortical substance of the kidneys ; the secreting

erred, and that he has described the action of a good glass of

clofert 25 directors of this Hospital held on the 3rd inst., the following clofert 50 for male clofert max this is a quantity more than double that already found from the In the animals experimented on, the duration and the severity of the


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