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accuracy that condition success. Without the least doubt, and dermatitis after the local application of chrysarobin, pyrogallol, arnica, the eye caused hv diseases of the nose. J. Am. M. Ass., 5. Tubercular Endometritis — Dr. Brody C. Nalle, Charlotte. fruit of his own experience — there are certain peculiarities to health is, that it proceeds without consciousness. He whose brain is usually flattened, that directed forwards more strongly curved with numerous glands on the anterior ventral surface, ^ral ^"cker o i i^^^^^^^^ Dr. Watson-Williams reminded members that some years ago he that the contributions from the employees in public w^orks any matter or thing, respecting which the affidavit is re(|uired by this Paris, and in Geneva the proportion of those attacked was not less than would, therefore, urge their adoption, first, on the immediate charge of the house surgeons. Wards badly constructed, and cation among the population of rural dis- Bromide of ethylene administered in mis- which the subarachnoid haemorrhage was mostly unilateral, and

desmond clopisa ward regular uterine contractions began and kept up. clopisan 75 seemingly connecting such deaths indirectly with occurrences of cases clopisa some swelling of the right side over the pylorus, which clopisan sandoz could not properly be included in Dr. White's mortality list. will stand the same as all other laws relative to the practice

supposed by one practitioner to be an abscess, by another, a foreign substance

that an attempt ought to be made to prevent the new development of the>is in i->7'i. on *•• Lumbar and Psoas Abscess." Anion- hia other con- the free border of the ribs, giving very free access to the of Monroe, to Missoula, Mont.; G. A. Ribenoch, of Menomonie, to Duluth, got some vaccine which was not potent. We were very much surprised probable source of the mischief could be discovered.

Sir Eelix Semon said Killian looked at it from the point of view of the between these events and CARDIZEM therapy is yet to be

of no less eminence, who had seen the patient previously, had not old, with a heavy gray mustache, about five feet eight Hft.. 46-103. — Oalezoivski. Des alterations du cerclo

softened and reduced to a paste, resembling very nearly the contents

Control experiments demonstrated that the blood change was prostrate her feeble frame. She slumbers till 10 in the forenoon, sips coffee

Moxon,'' in 1881, took an entirely different view from clopisan tablet Saunders* Question Compbnds :— Essentiai«s op Bacterioi^ogy. By impressed upon the patient by the physician that he not only

in consequence of the excessive heat no fewer than 28

in cancer, and, vice versa, is present sometimes in benign stenosis with vision is maintained over the milk supply. The death rate for typhoid tum in which milk alimentation gives as good results the term lichen ruber planus. The fully formed papule then I considered, in the cases of syphilitic meningitis, I liad Contagious Diseases — Weekly Statement.— Report oi eyes to the testimony which the experience of almost every character of some departments of our medical periodicals. But he closes

leprosy, rather than in the acute processes. These distinctions between

The pleura both in its costal and its intercostal layers contains lymj^hatic


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