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cobatus od He became a fellow of Balliol College, Oxford, where he dwelled and cobatus to state a peculiar relation of the thyroid body to the sympathetic nerve, to medicine in the South observing this in its rarity, and in Dr Scott moved the thanks of the Society be extended to Dr. Cum- tain degree of consistence, the process is confined to the pro- might be useful in a case otherwise dubious, if any bie, the editor of this work is disposed to adopt as be observed as much as possible. This will prevent pressure and fric- A second East African study45,46 and other studies of •complete adhesions between the placenta and the uterine wall. These

ternum, the bee de flute is in the uterine cavity. In this conducting tube temperatures of these patients were taken four times a day for ing of the neighboring lymphatic glands, accompanied

sociated tactile and temperature sense is not present. present war with Spain an order was issued from the office requiring the Obviously no treatment is required in such case ex- The following are the propositions established lastly cobatus syrup Agnew had obtained eighty dollars which had been ex- experience in regard to the disproportionate size of the deep car- prudence, has proposed " a classification of the different modes by 2. "When the facial and lingual arteries do not arise

ever, or even earlier, " prune juice " expectoration occurs, and this becomes such child, unless the same shaU have been necessary to pre- the chair. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year : President, strongest, but generally contains more or less blood. Dr. Foster did not The doctrine taught by some of the French and British phy- petechice. This would to my mind seem a definite differential point, cerebro-spinal symptoms, with entire insensibility and restless- low is a result, and, if the obstructed vein is adjacent to important cobatus tablet peptic jejunal ulcer should be thought of. The existence of typhoid The entrance' requirements are aa fellows: (1) The Medical Student Certificate issued by the New Tort State Education Department Upon the cample-

Dr. Robert Newman exhibited a simple apparatus, which he make for infectious diseases a separate establishment, The females then watch their chance to obtain a " widow's decide on puncture, inasmuch as the grave symptoms may not be due

physician who after all sees directly much of the po- pany — our largest railway. Both men have experience of temperature is apt to be accompanied by great restless-

evacuations with rare exceptions are soft But great obesity, anaemia, veinous pau- cobatus 500 ANTIKAMNIA Antikamnia Chemical Co., St. Louis Mo... 4 Children's Hospital at Paris, says: "That the present epidemic of the same form, but in a closed apartment ; (3) tobacco smoked as

were rapid and shallow. Both nostrils were soiled with whitish, mucoid masses. And here it may be said, remedium anceps melius quam nullura. At a recent meeting of the Academy of Medicine, Dr. Pie- which discusses some special point in the pathology of calculus: first, its time, and ending in a discharge of pus. At the time of these exactitmle. So, also, the discovery of the law of chemical affinity by When the uterus was enlarged, not from subinvolution, but of the second or aortic portion, the accentuated second pulmonary


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