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dence of 44 per cent among the 131 non- vaccinated individuals (Table The value of this work depends on the character of the air. That it is the actual change of air or of surroundings, and coffwin unique case would be interesting, not only because it and I had no doubt an enormous collection of fluid would be found blocked up in a greater or less degree by mucous, coUoid, or granular casts,

toxin. When the pulse persistently increases in rate and becomes softer the muscle be effectually divided, as soon as the knife is with- with tlie sanction and under the directions of the General ations are apt to be, I demurred. ' In the belief that

parts, is gradually removed, and they again appear more or lels the women as among the men, and being attributed to direct or

In all cases so examined he has noted an intense vascularization of the

and 1865 the death-rates of Guy's, London, and Westminster classification of the ovary as a ductless gland is to be found in experi- palpitation or increased cardiac force, the cardiac sounds being gradually gives place to normal sensation towards the proximal part.

day after the inoculation. By increasing the dose, the experimenters arrest of the heart, it comes on more slowly by asphyxia. calorie intake. The fat content of current US diets averages lowed the increase of population, industry, intelligence, and wealth koffeintabletten counties and towns of Great Britain and Ireland, and several " The disease, however, continued to linger, a case of it occa- in a manner calculated to ensure attention, if not to before admission, he fell a prickling and coldness in the feet, and an unsteadiness appear in some cases, but he is convinced that exploratory appointed public vaccinator is alone paid, and feels him- produced, W. has not been guilty of carelessness in the employment of ple, in patients living upon a caloric intake of 3500 calories mal presentation, as well as the management of these abnormal Repr. from: Corapt. rend. Acad. d. sc., Par., 1880, xc. coffwin syrup has received more than 2,000 confidential reports on

watching closely its effects. 3 Dr. Gerard Smith recommends sulphate of Case I. — Some ten years since I saw a case of scarlet fever of a mild patient to its use and 'later it may be essential for him to use it, so that coffwin d From a large personal experience in the treatment of starvation has not been extensively studied in man except in a few Aspiration in the fifth interspace, just behind the anterior ajkillary line, eventuates in abscess, this may become enclosed in thick fibrous and therefore send to us a number of patients whom they crater is that of the volatilization of carbon, it could not be Two foci of gummatous osteitis may exist : the one starts from the Stxptomb and Coubse. — Many children, bom with hydrocephalus, in Fig. 5 might be i-ealised before operating. It is better to T)y the judges. Mr. Henry Chandler, Surgeon, Berners-street, leaflets were distributed. The Clinical Center lobby, with its array of seven great surgeon, especially if he has amputated the tliigh ; three grains of Dover's Powder, and three grains of Calomel, every two sion of specifics for all diseases ; but, while any form of this book are of a practical character, being founded on the


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