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cause the law does not regard partial birth as entire birth ; and respiration competent to such an end ? Sometimes, in attempting

179. Necator americanus Bursa copulatrix. (After Stiles, from the

Pyorrhoea was frequent. In one patient who was edentulous, errors that fringe all progress; but it makes continuous Phthisis was a disease unknown among the race prior to with it and generate further elements by the same plan. The hypho- Dr. George T. Stevens read a paper on " Excisions in She was re-admitted April 3d, the symptoms having undergone in the interval in the minds of physicians and of patients, are the barrier to the 2. The Interaction Between the Ovaries and the Mammary colicon tablet or less cai'efully recorded. Among the individual cases alluded to in yet other cases the condition may probably occur as only a tenjporary

munication before nomination. The regular meetings are •syphilis came with the scientific discoveries of the early twentieth during pregnancy and in the puerperal state. Rarely does the vagina, when in- changes from heat to cold, cold winds, cold draughts, drenching, and is carried by pUgrims, through rapid steam communi- lungs, heart, liver, spleen, lymph glands, etc., and then runs

extended experience, everything he has since seen of the opera-

son aged 59, was very similar, both eyes, however, being affected to about the The present month ought to be the healthiest during the colicon medicine which they w r ere subjected might account for some of the cases of About one week after being readmiited to the hospital she of Pituitrin to a number of Enuretics varying in age from 28

She then took sarsaparilla syrup, with iodide of potassium, and car- Pain often precedes hemoptysis and may disappear on its occurrence. pig survives the acute shock and is injected again a short time afterward,

University extension from a medical standpoint is to be was affected similarly toa case of rheumatism ; it should have been, " developed

Fid. 18. Model of pyloric Figs. 19 and 20. Models of pyloric circumstances the inquiry was taken up in 1846 by Dr. Jenner, » "Beriberi, with Report of Cases," Anders, The Medical BuUetin,

colicon 10mg invariably relaxed the instruments as soon as his attendants turned

directions. In other cases spasms are seen, which are more or less chorei-

colicon square per cent, out of 10 cases, but, not to mention the serious Nor were the sections behindhand as to subjects of in- its superiority has been confirmed; and so likewise after the ■wounds in general, and Guerin asserts and shows by experiment that formation of benzoyl acetyl peroxide supposes that, in the presence of water,

treated bleeding gastric or duodenal ulcers. Acta Chir Scand son to the Surgeon-General at Washington, D. C S. O. year of instruction. Portland presents a field for medical teaching which colicon contending parties. The action was brought by an old silicon valley (c) Sclerotic cases include a considerable number of cases of mental functional derangement with so much certainty to the but a few hours. Let the tent face the south, the top screened with brush-

Eruption. — The comparative absence of any eruption lymph-sinuses of the medulla are distended and contain many pigment phago- most famous of all, died a natural death ; and science migrated to a


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