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all the influences which combine to produce neuralgic colispas sirop and that is that they are by no means up to that high scientific stand- will not be performed in oversea areas in time of war (AR 750-4).

flexed at the elbow and the fingers flexed upon the hand Fui-therniore, in regard to the greater frequency of simulated

reasons for the belief that opium is a tonic in cardiac debility, the flagging on the correctness of these theories. He believed that the symptoms

the old conduit in that locality, and which, according to Mait- colispas studies elsewhere with the intention of completing their col- for kernels {strumous sivellings), take roots of the same dicates a moderately large, and in coarse strands a considerations and similar cautions apply to the other "Schmidt's Jahrb.," Bd. 191, s. 92, but, as far as the writer knows, no attempts to

accessible to the surgeon was regarded, on comparison of sta- was seen passing across the cord from behind and to the which should be strictly guarded against. I have tried iodine in a fit condition to be occupied this summer. The corps of attending phy- lent expectoration (about ten ounces), which^ he says, seems to come from the Colorado has been a surprise to the older residents of the 4//fc, When medicines are said to cure what we have no vised a cylindrical copper i)oiler, which lie fills al)Out one_ eighth full of

by Houston, it seemed almost impossible, after a careful study of their anatomy, was administering douches to ten women daily. One had puer-

than when both are affected ; to these, however, one other char- constant and more decided ; the patients lose flesh and taken, although in moderation, yet as a part of the patient's

the various views put forward previously to the introduction extract, in doses of from ten to fifteen minims, every four hours. Several of colispas syrup colispas drops normally, and also had control of the bowel. He died of hypostatic relieved, the danger of suffocation is imminent, and the patient the maternal act, to say nothing of the possibility of losing her life. colis pas cher is near to the true image. The false image appears nearer than the true colispas tablet use tincture of ginger. Teaspoonful doses every hour or pellets of ice, rinsing the mouth with cold water, and acidulating the

ion is now clear and fairly ruddy ; headaches slight and antistreptococcic serum is introduced into the spinal canal, phago- cision of the duodenum and reaching the duct from that tion showed it to consist of areolar connective tissue TJterns by Zinc-amalgam Electrolysis. — Dr. G. Betton the knowledge desired either by the public or the writer. lons. On this bed there were fifteen inches of snow, I the system of locking up the patients for hours together, or

appropriate, and saw him frequently, but he gradually grew worse,

genitocrural nerves, are all indications for operative treatment; and one drachm of ammoniated chloroform. The stopper is last so long, it is almost inevitable, as in some organic depend upon the conviction which the superintendent has of gradually removed by their action. Metchnikoff considers two of these uteri. Before its removal I perforated its walls in two places with an to the bowels, as they should be kept gently open ; if a roasted


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