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GOVER, L. D., L R.C.I' , M.R.C.S., reappointed Clinical Assistant in the
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ually cut off. He is then placed on the following non-carbohydrate
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child being restless in church, the lady took her on her lap
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then be telephoning to my uttering center, to send its word to my ears,
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M.B., F.R.C.S., who will illustrate his paper by lantern photo-
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was detected ; it filled the left iliac fossa, and reached
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action, so as to be itself a not imcommon cause of death, especially
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thritis. The skin over the joints also becomes inflamed, so that on
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terior and lateral colimins, so that some of these cases have been mis-
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phied. The posterior colimoins are considerably shrunken, and are
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t'lat suggested by the hon. member into the effect of the isolation .pro-
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whether in workhouses or infirmaries, should be .ibsolutely restricted to
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places (not shown in drawing) groups of six, eight, ten or
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long-standing arterial disease. When the case is one of true apoplexy
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the worst payers of all. Patients whose expenditure cannot be less
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exposed to dangers arising out of wood pavements. In short,
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The variation in the rhythm and volume of the pulse during
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districts are Wood Green and Southend-on-Sea, whose medical officers
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this might prove liarmrul rather than an improvemeMt, Hiid
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fell back upon the long narrow knife of Siohel, which by its
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Speedy recovery after operation is greatly lessened, nay,
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coach and carriage painters, who use various varnishes in their work,
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times she has strange feelings come on, with a tight sensation in the
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This latter fact is of prime importance, and can lost sight
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Dr. Atthill said he was sure that the College he repre-
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paring them to get a firmer tissue would only add to the time
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ordinary hygiene be placed in different surroimdings from those to
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should conclude that the disease is apparently a primary chronic inflam-
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puerperal infection is usually very rapid in its course, death occurring
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hypertrophy of their cartilages. All features contributing to gigan-
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Durham. — This city is situated on the main line south of
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which modem researches conclusively prove to enter through the
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and examined them. He inspected old burial grounds with a
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right side there is a diffuse infiltration easily to be felt, both
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but may be violent in proportion to the area of the surface involved.
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the emploiies should receive the surplus after expenses are
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by the proper exercise of the faculties, just as the muscles of the calf
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Recently, however, the etiology of typhus has taken an entirely
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eight Saturdays; 290 new cases were admitted during the week, against
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decided by the Local Government Board related to the purchase of land
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pay. Can you inform rae if therefore I have any claim for compensa-
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medical attendance it ill during the session. The members
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