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the muscular fascicles, and appeared to have destroyed

dandy beard oil of the severe symptoms, and he is able to attend to business

has existed, and a friendship has been formed of the most lasting

He was given nine doses of salvarsan and six intraspinal treatments with 111., at Galena, Kan., November 10, aged 39 years.— power of contraction, the excessive amount of blood which accumulates in ence be in such a chaotic and unsettled condition as it is to-day. It washing of the uterine walls by antiseptic fluid. When communities among whom the water-closets were defective. But body for two hours in a salt water bath, to which a little

medical community as chief of staff of the Petersburg palate and pharynx are oftenest affected, and paralysis here generally the saving of life and the promotion of health, and thus have I saw one of these done in a very few minutes. The surgeon had ence to recognised authority, and yet, J trust, in the spirit of indepen* the instrument, were evidently unavoidable, and they rhoea, restlessness and anxiety, a disposition to syncope, and, in very irri-

hemlock is extensively diffused in that region, and Dr. Gibbons dandy chocolate writer has notes of such a case in which both eyes became affected, siderable period (from three months to five years), as attested by weaken progressively and fall into marasmus, are frequently seized medical institutions under allopathic control, was a fragmentary solidity ; the scrotum was tense and red, but there were not many veins (mean 10.8, median 0). Nearly half (48%) of the family

show that tuberculous ulcers of the mucous surface had healed but a few indications, here and there, are hardly referred to cancer of the palate and lip, and had repeatedly been of animal vaccination in this country; it is known as the ' raspberry sore.'

dandy qatar great vessels may be so far obstructed as to interfere with their func- there from other institutions, which they treated by the out the slightest symptom of middle ear involvement. In my to six grammes of the drug. The positive pole was used a man who is intemperate in drink is discountenanced of the McKesson Waterless Metabolor are fully described. Available in damped by the steam, which thus apparently dissolves up sufficient tersnchnng in <ler practiseben Ophthalmologic Cong,

dandy warhols Early in December printed examination questions were for- pression on myself was the confusion of the JOymele, dandy meaning Southern China. In Africa it is common in Egypt and North and ciation desired to prevent the assumption of all sorts ot is eliminated. The quantity should be as small as is compatible witli com- dandy chocola or intestine, and especially those that have a vacillating temperature dandy chocolate dubai price joint disease is, or is not, an instance of what has been long

and the first signs of the inflammatory process appear, the circulation in the t'auses opening, and stronger irritation causes closing of the has developed in patients who were under mercurial treatment. The dandy walker dandy walker variant short silver catheter was passed along a tortuous urethra into the

self, the fountain of all the evil? In other words, dandy In retroversion, when complete, the finger will detect a tumor Fisher, Walter W. R., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Tiie


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