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dapoxetine medscape

deeply placed that they could not be securely tied, and

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by O. S. Sanders, M.D., of Boston ; " Hemorrhage from Polypi,"

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ship to the wounded bone. On the femur and the tibia they

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trustees of the new institution urged him to accept the appointment

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The scientific session was devoted to the subject, " Surgical

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number of important positions; was appointed physician to the

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cieties, the Practitioners' Society, the Association of American Phy-

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longs to the Jenkins Medical Society and has served as its secretary

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middle ranges, and still more than in long ranges. Tracks

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has given to certain diseases close and special attention,

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at the time of beginning their interne service, he did not

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streptococci. The appearance of acute articular rheumatism in a case of

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On the outer surface of the shell are the forcing hands,

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the discovery that he lay there until morning performing

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are: "Pott's Disease, Its Pathology and Mechanical Treatment, with

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Dr. Palmer has achieved notable success in his profes-

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the management of an editorial board, and bearing the name of

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cutaneous Administration of Gold and Manganese Combined in the

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Should any be inclined to regard the foregoing instructions as

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graduate during that entire time. Re was greatly inter-

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kers. He was the Director of Hygiene and Sanitation for the Hill

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moeopathy of 1876," "The Transactions of the International

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imtirinyly charitable. Her ineiiiary was encyclopaedic ;

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in due course, in 1906, gaining the degrees M.B., B.Ch., and B.A.O.

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tions connected with the medical profession. He soon

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facilitates their scattering. Lastly, the charge may be

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thus most fatal in typhoid ; giving to the fever a character more

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concluding section. It contains all that is recognized as best in

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Dr. W. H. Morse, 411 West Fiftieth Street, New York, has a limited number of

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William Warren Potter was born at Strykersville, New York, De-

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Treatment. — The treatment, which not long ago was

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South " is an able refutation of the arguments called forth by

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ing must obtain support from the forehead or in the axilla,

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City specialist in Gynecology, was born October 15, 1862, son of Aaron

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account of Miss E. It is, of course, a possibility which we must

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York, in 1874; " Canthoplasty as a Remedy in Certain Diseases of

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" It is not long after an epidemic comes, before the long-

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trivance has undoubtedly its place in the service of surgery. But it is not


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