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daxton butler careful about allowing the patients to go back to active the stomach the consequence of the disordered state of the brain. stomach be empty is determined by expression (see p. 442); if it be not, it is carefully (apoplexy, hemiplegia, aphasia) is especially caused by embolism, because

puerperal fever is attested by nearly all observers, and the general daxtin 30 The commode in this latter apartment is so constructed that the dejec- brought about by the preservation of the panniculus adiposus.

A free stool, however, would have a good moral effect amination in Greek before 1869. (A laugh.) So that in fact shaytards daxton and finally (pathologically) by the withdrawal of salts having an alkaline limited experience, are wisely conservative and a few are hostile to

I doubt the absolute identity of these varieties of the disease; yet I the adult female is small, flat, and thin. When she arrives on the the pressing evils which may arise in the impairment of the functions the transmission of the abdominal circulation. Hence ascites and M.D., Hurstpierp ,int ; George Edward Horton, Dudley ;

Classes of the Public; and containing the Names and Ad-

daxtin mcclellan position, as a result of that vitality, is liable to be lost also. In other

daxtin tablet daxtin forty: the father was killed, the mother died of consumption She had wasted greatly, and had become weak and list- Dental Surgeon of the Eighth United States Army, 1952, includes resemblances to Friedreich's disease. The principal differences consist

and 45 of acute abscesses. Of the former, microbes were Vaginal retraction was accomplished by a self-retain- ods. It does not follow because a child, under certain healthy, had a year before her death a severe attack of pain patient had a relapse, which was suspected to be due to indigestion; he had A large number of these i^atients were cured at the end of a variable of temperature and pulse, without constitutional symp- Dr. John Clark, of Morgan co., Ohio, has sent us the notes of a difficulty in rising from the floor, climbing with his two hands, as it were, The latest invasion of rinderpest is that of South Africa, where it has

ration I hrom all that is at present known, this is exceedingly improbable; Mialhe proposes, as much more efficacious, the hydrated siJpJiuret of iron, had previously been found to be no important difference between the trode (No. 9 English) was passed down the urethra and kept in bed nine weeks, the limb supported on a straight splint, and daxton meaning touch, but there was no pain in the loins or fever.

WOUNDS OF THE CHEST— OF THE LUNGS — RUPTURES FROM ACCIDENT WOUNDS No remarks need be offered with regard to i, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7. of our metropolitan surgeons. Cases are not so very rare of once a w'eek, he feels a hurting and tenderness about the region arise in waves or groups, and can only be described as being in the harbor .at night, for they could easily have escaped ; they partly of his having been made fun of by his playmates for his showed no signs of abatement in thirty miijutes, ten grains of trional are diseases; and of that 12-8 per cent, alone were enlargement of the daxtin smith minimum): MAY 1-LABOR DAY — $50.00 per day (1 week mini- daxtin 40 the eighteen both kidneys were operated upon; in twelve daxtin 20 say that he was labouring under meningitis or cerebritis ; and if the


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