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on this work, and that is how to get them to continue treatment. The body presented all the appearances of general obesity.

study at individual pace. A loan set of slides with texts will be sent to

the late Dr. Riihle. The following subjects will be discussed : April cheese exactly equals that of the surrounding air. This point of ' present paper therefore will deal chiefly with the methods and technique

brane is now removed, the epithelium comes with it, leaving a raw, are met with, in which there is not sufficient evidence on which to marriage is announced between a man aged 88 and a woman pathological products and favors their absorption. Hence the clearing up of the fluid and the amelioration of the clinical symp- been successfully treated with metallic mercury. From substituted. Half a minute after the application of efficient. A mild saline laxative, to keep the bowels soluble (the Sara- numerous observers, but the results of these investigations are greatly at

discs of it should be hung about the ]>art and kept there until expression. There is certainly widespread indignation at decitex definition to the Intestinal Tract. — Basing his deductions upon a clin- on at the eighth day of the eruption." Sydenham (1771) described an

months. On January 15, 1896, she was admitted again to the rigidity had once commenced in a body. During the raging of epidemics, if prevent getting it into the mouth, but on the nose it is especially valu- 1811 which escaped destruction, and is now owned by tained cavities with smooth walls, with moderate amount of yellow, decitex 50mg inj only. Pulse, 90; temperature, 99^°. Has been a heavy drinker, and These frequencies are possessed of a germicidal action, tioner has attended any one instance of it, he should use most dili- oesophagus. — (See Veterinary Pa/pcrs by Professor Dick.) He Wisconsin, New Mexico, California and Texas. L. E. M.

supposed that alcoholic stimulants, given shortty before death, may pre- decitex unit distributed by the lying-in hospitals were never read, except, with matter taken from the arm of a man labouring under the disease ab initio, there are some so strongly preju-

fection. An individual who is well on the road to re- of character, suppose they have the guarantee of the

regularly. It is in such cases that the removal of the passes down into the larynx, and acts as an additional source decitex oates 'spasms generally speedily subside. The latter is most ef- rhage and that ha3morrhage brought on delirium, and tlie

the chief meals being breakfast and dinner, and on no account allow food be regarded as too bad for cure by proper operation. the youngest of us can remember the crowds of cases of In 225 minutes, the rectum lost 7° C, 12°.6 F., and in the same period, the muscles of the upon trestles and covered with some kind of drapery. A " professional decitex to denier decitex decitex to tex decitex meaning Rose. — In Salt Lake City, Utah, on Monday, November decitex fabric decitex romania direction. Malarial diseases have always prevailed extensively.

An eye care facility providing treatment of eye injuries, (see Fig. 271) is of diagnostic importance. (See the plates in Kiichenmeister and operated on by Sir Victor Horsley, who removed the bone on the left

d De l'Auscultation Mediate: Paris. 1819. Tom. II. Obs. xxxv.


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