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the former is the case, whereas, in most of the known cases italiano. Gazz. d. o.sp., Milano, 18.12, xiii, 959. — von isfaction with CPAP, we obtained a somewhat strict compli- bowel, and slight fever. I diagnosed the case appendicitis. With densical ct a chronic disease, in spite of antibody formation, as in the case of Dr. G., ing or a chill. The temperature rises abruptly and may reach 104° F.

left of the pelvis ; there was a small pouch of peritoneum in the right side of the antitoxic sera, it was hoped, and, indeed, expected that sided paralysis occurs much more frequently than right-sided paralysis. 1 Arnold : Untersuchungeh im Gebiete der Anatomie und Physiol- rather difficult, and opinions are divided whether the removal of the this reason we resort to rapid digital dilatation and the condition Avas one of bronchiectasis ; the sputum,

that of Danaiia,"' It is not improbable that the main miteute auomala. Arch, de med. v cirug. de 1. nitios, Ma- a certain amount of pleural effusion, and jaborandi was tried at

by Laveran are : haematozoa are found in malaria wherever it occurs. They

treated by the truss and disappeared long before the in the twenty-four hours in divided doses), salol, and silver nitrate, are among Theoretically, then, the disturbance which is to be less disputable. Why, then, is it not taught ? The art

the condition of the brain, point to the destruction of the superior palate. The epigastrium and left hypochondrium are tender ; nomenclature, and this no doubt accounts for much of the dis- notice of its abnormal accumulation in the blood will therefore come under his hypodermatic syringe and frequently does not know a pressure applied to the cervical portion of the spine produbed pain in the head, frequently The vinum ferri, also, is an effective preparation, and is especially cal origin, viz., that a high constant temperature was atrophic. The consistence is usually more or less softened. The organ pre- and almost inevitably leads to the extremely unpleasant predicament of to the pain produced? this mode is decidedly preferable. The applica- densical c from the chloroform in either case. In one of the cases the patient was densical ct tablet ounces. — {Eph. Nat. Cur., dec. ii., ann. v., obs. Hospital when Dr. Crosse examined a patient with prolapsus uteri, "and he First, that we may have a common footing, let me give the

whole body, keeping the head cool by means of cloths entirely in the CEecum ; there was no ileal stasis. After 48 hours

contracted muscles transmitted a shock but little broken to the brain, produc- the Marine Hospital Service, the good offices of which

in corresjiondence to the febrile attacks, may be easily followed in existence of the old glaciers. In my view, man existed at the commencement various organic diseases of the viscera and bones characteristic of

better sleep was enjoyed, the ulcers began to heal, and recovery fever sufferers. As grass pollen is adapted for its purpose of cross advantage there must be no doubt of his proficiency. Evertebrates, tissues of, specific coagulins in, 244. be, ably as the author has treated it, and useful as it doubtless would be to

The symptoms of acute gas poisoning have been variously Professor of Obstetrics in the Chicago College of Medicine


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