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Figs. 1, 2, 3 and 4 illustrate Mr. William Anderson's paper on

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Figure 2 illustrates the distribution of cancer death rates

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vitamin was given to each subject at two dosage levels and

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refer the genus to Acdini, a view which is str.Migthened by R. aianoides

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who are anatomically unsuited for diaphragm use might just

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wound healed up. After that his right great toe gradually

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venous urography. She denied any renal colic, hypertension,

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the winter of 1771. The partnership was soon afterwards dis-

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average hookworm infection in a group of persons is proportional to

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very large book of numbers. This book contained the age-

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deformities. Although this paper deals only with the medical

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hours intravenously, followed by a six-week course of same

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Spindola-Franco, Hugo, M.D., Bronx, New York.. *783

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form an artificial anus, in order to save the child's life."

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spared at St. Bartholomew’s ‘massacre’ by royal decree.

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in some measure, to supply these deficiencies ; and the author

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conducted to determine the cost effectiveness of such

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tion had either elevated enzymes or diagnostic EKG studies

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hence it appears that the colour and taste of the acid are probably due

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only with the press and with legislators, but most cspeciaiiy

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Dr. Willis^ describes the filaments of the crassamentum as

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policy with a guaranteed conversion on a non-medical basis

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of the blood, is changed into fibrin, absorbs oxygen in the lungs, and

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viders, and the state's medical institutions in the establish-

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The thoracic duct, after receiving the vessels before men-

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should fail adequately to fill the position, and to represent the

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All this, plus a starting salary of $30,000 a year— more,

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does he pass urine, even when the attack is prolonged for

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not known to occur with organic dysfunction, may indicate

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Negotiating Team (Board of Trustees’ item) “A”

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from the other toes. It projects also a quarter of an inch in

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tionists’s Syndrome (S.P.S.) until research into the matter

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posed cellular structure of the lymphatic glands is by no means

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are made on the quality of professional care and the need for

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marijuana is no more harmful than tobacco or alcohol; and

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alliance to man through their omnivorous habits, and

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more systematic approaches. I mentioned that part of our

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and political language. The fact of the matter, however, is that

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warden for these psychiatric evaluations consisted of a large


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