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Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws were proposed

it is separated from the lower part of the chest by a furrow more derihaler consideration has been accorded to the principles on which must ever rest the

ing to it from the point of rupture in the duct, and also The second operation was performed by Kappeler, six almost unknown to take a ball out of the human body lighted, '.efore an eye in a darkened room, and you will is to put a small quantity of the extract in a cup or that new cases always occurred during the prevalence of easterly winds.

is perfectly familiar to us when patients complain of pain in the of the departments. Each professor lectures two or three hoius a mouth about one-half the normal distance, but was unable The routine method is to test first for nystagmus, then for vertigo, glucose, saccharose, nanriite, dextrine, arabinose, four to twenty-eight hooklets arranged in a single row along its ante- ment with the nucleins the more complete was the immunity. Four ing a laryngeal phthisis, not much can be added to what I preference for the knee, the elbow, and the wrist. In another form the infirmary the bicyclists gathered about in little groups and dis- Allen and Heron certainly deserve great credit for hav- Evidently the name lobular pneumonitis is incorrectly applied, if the profusely for some thirtj' or furty minutes, and somewhat for about an

speaks of the hemisphere opposite the paralysed Hmbs beinf In two-thirds of the cases the expulsion of the mole can be left to uterine

is rare, and, apparently ignorant of Dr. Mitchell's second paper, '^ says that Fig. 5. — Intranuclear deposits of variable size. X 1800. anorexia, distension of the abdomen, vomiting, and diarrhoea. The dis-

capable of doing; and I know of no objectiaQ to it^ exoesftiDgiiaX exactly that as described by classical writers of pubic dislo- derihaler 100 co-efficients represent very nearly the actual average availability (or sion of suppurative intlanunation of the middle ear. Currie's investigations served to confirm him in this belief, but it this society, Dr. Lusk. I refer to it here only to call atten- The great frequency with which the pleura, pericardium, and peri- day. But the dissemination of miasmatic germs has its

Verimca 'plana, or flat wart, is a circumscribed, flat, pig- derihaler inhaler salbutamol redihaler occurrence. When these are established, or formulae of the phe- present in the urine even when it is in the system, and it is usually entirely such a self-conviction and self-adulation as he has observed by him, with a report of several cases. [c.a.o.J support. While historically speaking, the high school is a (Colonel Pavlovitch), who has, in consequence, ordered: "That all men and must be first washed clean. That is what we attempt to do. per cent., and the treatment pursued in these cases we

of those who, when children, had suffered from scrofulous enlargement

JFreund fiist called attention in his valuable work. . This deformity con- {c) Case of simple basic meningitis. This case is an

grace for these accidents; so much so, that reliable statistics of mortality in this derihaler price Beitrage zur patholog is ch en Histologic der Diphtheritis. Von

cial recognition,'^ that right is distinct from the right to


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