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tolterodine detrol

to an ordinary manometer, and originally constructed by Ludwig and

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4. Dr. Bryce's case was one in which a very large renal cyst com-

detrola record player fix

while the number in all classes is 114 in 1000, in a given time. The same ratio

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I doubt not you would bo astonished, and more than astonished, at the havoc this

tolterodine (detrol la) 2mg

return. The observers came to the conclusion that in the uninjured animal all

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evince good si ose and Bound judgment in all you say and do; and ex-

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that "he should have been a girl instead of a boy."

interstitial cystitis and detrol

conditions of the Mastoid Process. Illustrated by Woodcuts.) —

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and containing a quantity g! frothy mucus of a bright red colour.

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