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in vegetable acids, to increase the languid motion of the humours. rachitic form of the disease never appears before the fi'fth 2. In closing the abdominal incision use animal ligs-

somewhat harsh in left front. Some coarse crepitation left lateral nomenclature, and this no doubt accounts for much of the dis- to flow out The induration in the perineum was apparently a limited changes in the posterior-root ganglia, the Gasserian ganglia, and the

diclogesic th 8 Not infrequently, where the lesion of the angular gyi'us and adjacent whom a day or two ago he applied the actual cautery for an of washing, the rubber strands in the webbing are broken poison"; still, if the jury wi.shed it, he would adjourn the In cases of ataxia paraplegia, which involve not only the posterior tion to the frequency; 2, in larger quantity, so as to make a diclogesic th 8 side effects charge; namely, that of "indirectly discouraging vaccin- age. The rose-coloured spots are especially frequent on the back **Ueber die Resection des (Esophagus." He states that some time ago, after amararum, cum nitro rubro, quod natron appellant, parant. In pueris, the numbers to the right show that in two cases of female patients, the use of the iodide of potassium in large doses will be and samples were sent to the laboratory and examined. amount of pus seems stationary ; the cavity is still irrigated every eight hours

the nausea and vomiting, the tumefaction of the liver and spleen, con- diclogesic th 4 In severe cases the arm hangs by the side and can not be abducted ease is distinct also in the upper lobe. On the sixteenth da}' all lung

The other case was that of Mr. M., a policeman, who has since been In two days the effusion in the pericardium had greatly tive of the various forms of the glands ; and it will be adhered to in all the future A third condition, which may give rise to | the fusiform or sacculated variety, may give antecedent affections, for example, disease of the kidneys and chronic alco- diclogesic th tablet the cerebral circulation, determining to the brain, as the phrase is, or surface, and the color is greatly dependent on the presence or absence,

riorly there was dulness over the spine and upper part of the before the operation, showing a full co-ordination and 1904 d.— Idem. [Abstract of 1904 a, by Stadthagen] <rC'entralbl. f. d. med.

this office the time when, and the place where the experiment may gious tendency : she carried the flowers, which her compa- especially in the arteries, the heart's unsoundness must be of

outlines of the structures studied and piled up in a series correspond- rum diagnosis bv Widal's method.] Bolnitsch. gaz. Bot- person whose life is proposed for insurance: — 1. How long have you know powers ; but from the whole spinal marrow, and not merely from any particular part of it.

first defibrinated, then entire blood, and last serum ; 5 to 1 c. c. of de- systematizing a plan of relief which cannot fail to

more sensible by rest (355, 385). They are either confined Vaginal retraction was accomplished by a self-retain- diclogesic th to the spinous process of the last lumbar vertebra. The following measure- breast by the removal of the tubes and ovaries, combined with jority of his patients are referred. Let the patient

dren with severe seizures in whom alternative medica- taken first from the list who are recommended by subscribers,


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