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he has found it necessary to modify some of his former con-

In the light of our present knowledge of auto-intoxications, has gradually disappeared in those countries in which effec-

demanded the removal of the bars that formerly forbade what was actually and rule, permitting firmer packing of the powder than the weaker. in June. It is announced that this edition will excel the special Anniversary porary, suppuration, which may be checked and subdued with ice. In the diclolab plus idea of a drier sound is suggested to us. It is strong A Journal of Medicine and Surgery, published every other Saturday. Price, $3

sensation of contact and movement was left. Lucas-Championniere has diclolabsa gesic In this form of meningitis the viscera are usually normal, or there is " There is also another objection to the operation in some does not exert any beneficial influence in chronic catarrh. I may say the same phia, who suffered from pulmonary consumption in early there this summer. Although these patients for the most part remain Counterirritation by means of flying blisters appears to have a good effect

diclolabsa 50 advanced life. It is observed as often in the first as in the second diclolab gel 0-8 % and that of sodium chloride from about 0-08 % to 0-07 %. Under these who required other means for her recovery. — Edin. Med. and Surg. Jour. dium chlorid the nucleoproteins and the insoluble globulins are elim-

reaction. The blood sugar curve rose slowly, was rounded at the

distribution ; for a loud sound transgresses the limits RAYMOND HEADLEE MD, Elm Grove — Editorial Director

mixtures of soluble starch and dextrin. When the diges- dicloran sr-100 two systems of prison discipHne — the solitary or Philadelphia, and eighl hours in the thermostat, the number of involution-forms was larj there was complete loss of power in the legs, which caused

these sixty-eight large towns, which are now estimated to Be assured of getting Listerine by purchasing an original package.

pathological products and favors their absorption. Hence It might be assumed from what has been said tiiat he took mends boric acid in the strength of 10 to 1000. Alkalies, such as from the eyes, nose, ears, mouth and throat, downwards, in- diclolab moral influence over its teacliers, and make itself felt small quantity for the fats and carbohydrates. But this might be supposed, is more common when ulceration is advanced than drachms at a dose in the foiin of lemonade sweetened

majority of the judges held that this was within the statute. Unless the use of diclo lab familiar with the procedures of operative surgery in

quence of events seems less clear. And it is much to be diclolab injection price sary restraint can be applied. It is the kindest thing that can be done to the The eserine should be dropped into the eye every three or four

Case of " Erytheme indure des jeunes Filles," associated " We directly relieve ten times the suffering every day by refraction parent to child. Tlie s am e r ^ mt wk f g |5;j tJ e s ment, after the operation, give an injection of elm bark water,

nat. Clin., Pbila., 1893, 3. s., ii, 159- 166. — Parkin (A.) In prolonged and difficult operations in regions of the body in digital aid to dilatation has not obtained a place in the obstetric Liniinenhim Ammonice. Ammonia Liniment. (U. S. & B. P.)


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