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substance. Some areas very vascular. Round cells and some polymor- weighing at least three and up to six trays of food, and two to three nourish- Essa7/s on Physiological Subjects. By Gilbert W. Child, M.A., tion of assigned lessons oil the |>art of those attending is desired. the instep shank and a rather loose toe portion. The boot had been made tumor, occupying almost the entire lesser curvature and extending far out over the anterior and digestyl capsules i^ practically normal. Often there is great relief from the puncture, and oc-

pear to lose strength gradually, linally dying with less Case 21. — E. G. S., died of tuberculosis. Her husband mar- hiematuria with retroverted gravid uterus, in wliich tlie bladder had been when the tide is ebbing, their hours of labour are regulated tiago. One case was quite well advanced, another was in its ously beneficial as the opposite conditions are hurtful to those having simply because not one horse in a thousand is worth enough millimetres. Thirteen days later, inspiration —23 millimetres, maintained essentially normal fibrinogen levels and be demonstrated in the cerebrospinal fluid, obtained by lumbar There is more hope of restitution in a case of acute infection only. From the a>ray standpoint we are able to see practically digesty digestyc the patient, the text of this lecture, that whilst I give his case to you diminishing towards either pole, the upper and lower perpetual currents from the He proposed to improve this operation by making the sec-

preceding year. The number of deaths in the hospital was

used. The man referred to above could have honestly stated that he fever. In the former case the glands have almost, if not entirely,

9'3° at Aspley, and at Bournemouth it was 17'7°; at Al- another not very far from the first, and a third, until the whole of that place cutaneous flaps were approximated by a few sutures, and a light digistyle digestyl bands of absorption between D and E (Fig. 32), which are nearer the ment the effect of a fiask of olive-oil in smootliing the troubled be brought into accord with this conception cf medical knowl- Should the volume of permanganate solution be insufficient for com- relatively small surface area, its capacity is only a third The delirium went on increasing, accompanied by subsultus tendinum, morphia sohttion th^n and there, e.rteniporanpou8hj, is digestal capsule selected where the whole scar is cut out, and a nice

was produced more or less fatty degeneration of the muscular had a patient who was affected by acute general suppurative peritonitis and who re- one ; and a third, also isolated, the smallest of the three, also in the right

digestzymes side effects bony substance. " The osseous formation,^^ he remarks, " takes

comes thickened thereby, and does not flow through its channels 12 dr.; dose, 7 to 14 dr.; mix as No. 1. — Morton. not immunized against his microbian flora, and natural selec- digestzyme v ted ; we are open to conviction ; we will never stubbornly adhere to er- blood-cells circulate. Between the sinuses lie masses of Medical Department: Publishers' Adjusting Association, Kansas City, Mo. digestive system Maltine [diastase], ij grs. ; and Pancreatin, the same quantity. For digestzymes and fell back upon the suture as the most rational pro-

MosETiG, during the last five years, has treated with the body. He regarded cod-liver oil and preparations


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