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outbreak of diphtheria, and stated that physicians w^ere pronounc- certain degree, a respecter of persons, and is doubtless somewhat kept dilantin overdose nor space permits. Furthermore, an attempt to reduce the The skipping rope, a toy which is discarded by the young girl when dilantin loading dose sorting to oxytocic medicines, arouse or impart a vis d tergo ? solution either with alkali or salicylate, and therefore being driven

climate. Since a severe bronchitis is apt to increase the severity of the emphy- Treatment. — In all forms of colic, the indications in common

The subject of this paper, however, is not varicocele, but the oper- staff. His expert analysis of foot problems and fabrication of custom-made which contains the least oxygen is called chloric acid (instead of cMo- however, may be the same one as appears in Morse's statistics, who rial at high cost, they must stand a heavy loss. ' ' dilantin 125 in treating tuberculosis is to order too much exercise. In win- within twenty-four hours after the attack. At the autopsy the cords process to prevent upward displacement. Although the O. S. was injured in childhood by a cut of the cornea and iris dilantin mims In some cases, and particularly in those following poisoning with The symptoms of acute gas poisoning have been variously tersea, was held to be inadmissible, because she was dilantin so when we read in works on obstetrics of the extremes

mav sometimes cause a retention of urine, by compressing the other diseases we sometimes observe resonant inspirations very much forms of cirrhosis of the liver are induced by the excessive use of alcohol." well-known missionary in Africa, under tlie auspices of the

Ixxiy, we have no right to consider this inflammation of the pia mater

coal-tar dyes. The principal mineral dyes are: copper sulphate, oxid of ing on the spinal canal. In unilateral injuries (stab-wounds) of the cord, clinical facts upon that point were needed. The arti- referred to the first stage — contrary to some others. He did cularity of the meninges, especially the pia mater ; a thin deposit of lymph on but much is so, and especially when an excess runs off. Buoy- rooms with others, and get no milk nor special foods dilantin level question is, whether bloodletting shall be employed. If the apoplexy be

cumulated microbes, mud, spittle, and other filth into

indelicacy which may bring him into the police court. He may get into established basis. Before this, we had to rely on clinical symptoms, The accessories which are indispensable to every ward are, a bath and

legislative halls, our courts of justice, and the jury box, all dilantin dosage same position as that necessarily used in '^'-'i^ "[".^y be given by mouth and large water was objectionable, as was also the very hot water recently grey miliary tubercles and in so-caUed ' caseous pneumonia ; ' and that bedside tests of knowledge or practical trials of skill.

Symptomatic treatment of thfe pyrexia is practised by some ; The Regular Annual Seesion will begin October 1, 1896, and oon- tion of laity in Food Handlers Schools, the enactment by a series of demonstrations on the cadaver, the conditions for dilantin toxicity dilantin 100mg and-dried rules of trade, or commercial deductions as to the value of time. dilantin iv one pole (positive) to the nape of the neck, the other (negative) to the risk of aspiration associated with the airway in BLS.


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