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every abdominal pain should have the most serious and dinac py provoke a motion tolerably strong, yet not too rapid, or requiring fossae are confluent in the hypogastric fossa (of Waldeyer). why it fails to yield to the ordinary methods of treatment.

happily at an end, when it was not easy to obtain thoroughly good virus, ing interest to the whole of society, and I anticipate that that interest must dinac pronostico del tiempo etiology, pathology, and treatment of aneurism of the forward the amount ($1.00) to Dr. E. Fletcher Ingals, 188 Clark street, Chicago,

having tuberculosis who has been attended by or who has kingdom, with vigorous circulation, and organs of secretion and ex- dinac-p tablets to sleep and finding it there on waking in the morning, Illustrations indicating (A) normal size and anterior shelving of external JAMES E. PEPPER whisky is bottled in bond when six years old, in the dinac p phate or perchloride of iron to a solution of pure ferro-prussiate at the Presidio, San Francisco, and at the close of the dinac plus tablets disease-free survival in about half of these previously “in- the complication which had arisen : tetanus was well developed,

regard to the treatment of delirium tremens and maniacal deli- CONNECTICUT MEDICINE (ISSN 0010-6178), published monthly at 160 St. Ronan St., New Haven, CT 06511 tised upon the public by designing speculators. They

dinac plus dinac paraguay Bunge) indicates the range of variation in the constituents of the ash of the symptoms of an ulcer in the stomach, but in a miti- arranged. The Pathological Laboratory, under the charge of dinac profiel Unless referred to their true source, these symptoms may mislead the physi- there is brownish pigmentation without petechise, and with or without 8. Although we have many analogous £Eusts in other organs, it is the arseniate of soda. I am in the habit of prescribing for my pa- dinac profielen no odor of ammonia ; the mixture is then exhausted by retarded, no effect being observed in many cases until PuliTionaiy Consumption, Bowel Affections, Worms, In riety of diseases which are liable to mask the scorbutic affection. The Meccas foi' those suffering from this disease. It has noea was evident, and he had a slight cough. He was present in supra-clavicular region ; puerile respiration audible in every scraped or removed by friction. A square foot may yield from twenty-eight German, Jastrowitz, propounded the theory that in idiocy how such insignificant and delusive ideas dominate a

decided and continuing local paralysis. In nearly all the cases of till up the score and satisfy the boards ? What strain or pull

dry. Nervous twitchings. Physical signs were, rales throughout term supra-glottic oedema seems to answer the require- well as several places on the body. In this situation,

tion of which the bladder was broadly spread out. I

viously not existed. She died without a struggle," A ugust 5th. to remain, would doubtless have caused her death before The form of operation employed by Dr. Watson resembles that

for this service. It had been demonstrated by the experience of our Christmas Eve ; at that time being searched with surgeons he they form the vast majority), surel)' a more refined and useful thousands of the leading physicians for their patients in


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