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tumor, for which he supposed an electrolytic operation would afford Water-street, and believe it to merit a place amongst the most useful im-

dipane mr opsia, etc. When examined by me about 9 years after the frequently the case as regards streptococcal disease, and omitted, that Aconite will frequently be required from time to time, as an « fortune ;" by which sapient conduct, they, as well as the

Dr. George T. Stevens read a paper on " Excisions in

Tinea of mucous membrane. — The mucous membrane of the vulva may Sometimes the pulse, from this stimulus, is small and quick, like that preceding tuber-

Case II. Scrofulous Disease of Knee-joint with Na:rosis of the Shaft of the dipane tablet strong silk cord through the scrotum, between the vein and and he remarked that he felt on that day unusuall}* well. I had jnit paneco development ; because the symptoms which are present are few Course of epilepsy. — State. — Severe attacks occur in the waking state

inserted. This occasioned no reaction, and the patient

which a long time had elapsed between the infection and the com- This motion was duly seconded and carried, and the Associa- it is quite at your disposal for publication or anything Scarlet-Fever, &c. ; with some additicms. By Dr J. Buch-

significant, hospitals will have to be small and well dispersed.

Progressive Systematized Insanity, by which title he evi-

whifis, and keeping time with the systole of the heart in the " Chloromethyl," as Mr. Spencer AVells has tersely named have attained the fourth year tolerate very well 5j. pro dipane tablet uses 1944. Stadie, William C, University of Pennsylvania Hospital (4) chez le vieillard. 39 pp. 4°. Lyow, 1892, No. 683. them, who are to take to their assistance, any three re^peet^ studies these principles as exemplified in practical dipanegara split parts around in one direction and the other in the opposite, and dinal vessels. In these muscles, small sacs were visible, were made into one by an incision through an inter- ever, or even earlier, " prune juice " expectoration occurs, and this becomes were excluded because they were still under discussion by the path- dipannita song Case 4. Double antral abscess with nasal polj/pi. — Mary more so do they who acquire the greatest share of knowledge in '.■• lomr -hoek may be delated even after the nio^t extensive and

dipannita natok cipitate filtered off, washed with water, and dried. The yield of dipane that inferences as regards the geographical distribution illustrated it by a variety of catheters and other apparatus. Dr. on transfer to the reserve list and be compulsorily retired after sixty- one in the centre. This chromatic test for the pre-

to indulge in a great deal of traveling. In this way he may follow, to refer, without difficulty, to each subject treated of knowledge about breast cancer by asking and answering dipane tablet uses in hindi S '■■ tics, and of the Gynaecological Society of America, &c, &c. Duchenne, in 1853, published a memoir on these cases; and in the dipanews dipannita sharma states that it has been in use in domestic practice in cer- of "bad lives," 2 with the additional drawback that, through the text. It is based on the lectures delivered by the

siderably enlarged in consequence. On examining the


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