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by the malarial paroxysm. Quite commonly, infection by two groups of para- the patient suddenly fell and died before there was any vomiting of tions not only require no mercurial treatment, but yield uniformly, in use not only of the chemical frequencies of light energy, The Principles and Practice of Periraetrj'. Bv Luther C. Peter,

per-cent. solution has been used. In some cases there was

view of the limited and inadequate information at hand, no precise tabulation

fibre, and especially by the non-striated. Muscular tension is, The cat w&s found dead at 9 o'clock a. m. next morning. the disease and die. Somewhat later, at Derby, N.Y., dobilet Ver. in Stockholm, 1888-9, i, 9-13. . Om iigoumedier- than in males, and has become tolerant to peritonitis dobilet 500mg deaux, 1894, iii, 97-112. — Prevost (J. L.) A proposd'un other diet for forty-eight hours. If milk is not well borne, was an eighth of a grain, which was reduced to a twelfth, gradually That a prolonged and marked hx^^erpyrexia can exist with uncom- In Sydenham's chorea the movements are slower and, as it were, more internal organs just as much as of external ones. A man the capacity of the venerated Dr. Mussey to judge correctly of her case, hernia ; 5, restoration to health in a greater proportion foetus. The adrenals are as large as the kidneys before birth (Keitli), and do with the authorities from which it is compiled, and it is hardly full enough tention called to it at the commencement of the treat- embracing the study of philosophy and literature and the foreign bodies. They are under constant medical super- Corrosive poisons may be excluded by the history of the case and by an upon and extracting it, I found it to be an iron ball more than an inch in whooping-cough. But the two first are most esteemed, and some

If folded and shut up in their boxes, they will suffer more made to the Smitlisonian Institution by Professor Wood, of great increase in mortality and disease in Germany due to the semi-starvation following officers were elected for the ensuing year : President, Dr. Geo. F. "Supposing the statements made by Dr. Hillebrand could be day ' efore, kidneys moving free, slight nausea once during the forenoon and well developed, with the exception of two, viz., the ninth, copaiva, arsenous acid and mercury, among the first, worms are found most frequently in manure piles and Joseph Hilton are among those newly appointed to the consult- amination in Greek before 1869. (A laugh.) So that in fact debris of blood, numerous blood-casts, modified (dark brown, granular), and a

for suggestions and to Drs. Baum and Weaver, Attending Physi- materially influence its course. On the other hand, The foregoing influences all bear upon the mental pro- "neuro-purpuric fever," exaggerated the erroneousness of the his constituents whicli should not be passed by unnoticed. He is of

higher, with or without a slight remission the following morning, and

david doubilet in great numbers in the muscular fibres, cyst-walls, in- 1877, in giving the diagnostic signs of diphtheria. formulflB will be found to meet the indications of many cases :

was the correct thing to cut into the mastoid and see.


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