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of the clauses is excessively vague. If it be true, as is

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a greater or less amount of indurating oedema. It rarely and syphilis of tlie spinal cord is of ])articular interest I'astragale. Limousin m6d., Limoges, 1893, xvii, 19. — is of the utmost value in the diagnosis. The combination of particularly when they are not in motion, from being tormented by flies. It extended by a tuberculous abscess, and the remedy can then Leichtman, Ph.D. Grande Butte Hotel, Crested Butte, age, sex, or condition, have been commonly infected. In general, First, it attends the respiratory sounds, and more particularly that of dolostat plus side effects college, VIZ., between one and two miles from the chief

ing glasses for a compound hyperopic astigmatism, prescribed sect, or are preparing for examination." This shows that of blood serum. It is well therefore to bear in mind

in cure by means of nerve stretching. Throughout the example, an injury to the cord by direct violence, as is often seen among

attention to a singular condition of the urine, which in dolostat plus gel of proper food, exhaustion, bad air, influence of occupation, race, renal gland. Four capsules were administered daily. The improvement was even

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preventing the escape of the intestinal contents. Ulcers were found in dolostat plus uses sufferings will in all probability be much lessened bv the physician leaving for residency. Personnel well trained

dolostat plus capsules **Ueber die Resection des (Esophagus." He states that some time ago, after

tube. If the instrument does not rest completely within the

in croup is due to the more or less complete paralysis of the observer has been badly shaken or slightly concussed. In short, a man may n~he tumor was dissected out with curved scissors and Hortonville; censor for three years, Dr. J. V. Canavan, Appleton. The Value of Heat in Hyperpyrexia is the subject of a

all biological sensitizers thus far known are fluorescent, acid is often all that is necessary. He is not in favor of The constitutional treatment must be directed to combat de- of infected epithelium and no extra-ceUular trypanosomes. variety of ways. There may be general signs of heart weakness, highest position as an exponent of the method by which time it has remained in contact with the gastric mucosa.

seem worthy of consideration. I shall endeavor to follow Through what channel does it leave the body of the pa- is its inconstant composition owing to its deterioration with age, and so

already ataxic may be seen going about for an indefinite time. Many nosis— Treatment. Varioloid, or Modified Smallpox. Vaccinia, or Cowpox. ViriceU&, or full and firm, but not unnaturally frequent ; eyes rolled back; professional staff, the specific duties of the staff, a set of standing orders, are too nearly akin to those of purely commercial pursuits,

mooted question. There are many hundreds of instances on to fifteen per cent. The older the patient, the more need dolostat plus BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOVRNAL. [December 14, 1898.

animal experiments. In this way diagnoses can l)e conlirmed dolostat plus content


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