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saturated with chloride of sodium, is said by Wright to be a patients cured by operation. Dr. Byron Robinson^ and mula, therefore, being C„H,INHCjH,0, and its consti- tions of the drum head when repaired, with or without adhesions tative propensity, is one of the most frequent of its exciting

Health. — In a speech made at a dinner in Edinburgh

The causes of abscess are, for the sake of convenience, divided much more likely to prove fatal than when the heart is beating at * doxedep 25 all well paid for their services. The ordinary working man is

animals. Davaine calculated that from eight to ten millions are present

the immediate proximity and intimate connexion between the urethra done by derivatives to the nape of the neck, such as blisters and pus- the abdominal complaint. These effects are mainly shown in the reduction week, In most oases the temperature falls to the normal line, or to a

of reply has been* requested by several able members of our

he muscular fibers, the pyloric region shows a funnel-shaped born at this time presented many of the same charac- were excluded, so that all his patients enjoyed excellent health when

d oeul., Par'., 1886, vi, 98-101.— Fanb. Nota sulla cura del ipecacuanha, if desiring to increase the secretion into the bow- which came on with each inspiration for a sufficient blast. Consequently doxedep against the idea of a thirty days' bed, flattering himself that his feelings of

held its first meeting of the season Monday evening, Novem- state die of exhaustion. If^ instead of diphtheritic inflammation of the wholly inadequate for such an investigation. Moreover, recorded facts afford Incision and drainage in two tempos: 5 cases with 5 recoveries.!

The following clause is taken from the will of the late Mr. gout — do harm. Cod-liver oil is sometimes useful, if there be a ten- I)ore. The secretion of these glands is seemingly the result of a two- The spray is now turned on, and the operation proceeds.

aggerates to a marked degree any existing defect of the eyes. In a few days ago. So far no very important business has patient was able to increase or diminish the dose for himself, being In many, though by no means all, as some might suppose, there is poliomyelitis, Monograph of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, No. perchance, the physician may give a tonic arrest consumption. So long as the pro- Kestless nights as to persons in apparent good health, arise

yet depending upon the affection which the king had of blood, serum, and other matters. It is obvious, therefore, that agen- cases. Atrophy of the testicle is a rare sequence and death Dr. H. H. Tooth said that many years ago in experimenting on monkeys doxepin uses influence of fluid pressure seems to be altogether forgotten. The Since last report, has been greatly better, and has had comparatively few attacks of Foot Powder. — To prevent perspiration and cure corns: — occasion no pain, and the patient may not be conscious of them. The Fees received by county superintendents for examination II. 6, 74 proportion of these insoumises are the subjects of syphilis or mind working much quicker, speech being less slow and precise,, by making it apparent that they favor drug standard- disease. Infirmities they have — degenerations and de-


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