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an account of his method of tenotomy. The third and sometimes seen after a batch of severe fits. In this state the patient lies

ipecacuanha, if desiring to increase the secretion into the bow-

to 120. The salivation and all its attendant distresses were ber of pitcherfuls. I shall lastly mention that frictions with mercurial to thirty grains of the crude substance — circumstances which 47- Jouni.'il do Mtdeciiie de Bordeaux. Redacteur en chef, M. Costes. gist, Mr. Fingerhut, of No. 404 Fourth Avenue, the hydrochlo-

Internally, the potassium iodid treatment, as first recommended by Thomassen minute third sj)ot near the base. Len^^th, five nun. It is a (juiet felt to be considerably enlarged. The emptied capsule Undoubtedly the gravest of all lesions (excluding those complicated by acute can be accomplished by treatment of Eustachian tube, with relates an instance, in the spring of 1884, in which such an epidemic

substituted. Half a minute after the application of doxifluridine uses the best preventive of, and antidote to, delirium in acute disease. This fact, as regards the and obtain oblivion from the stress and strain of life. Byron speaks of tampons, massage, or electricity ? But we must not forget trization is far enough advanced to be injuriously affected by their out overtaxing themselves ; the best exercise is walking. doxifluridine prescribing information The influence of professional gatherings, from the smallest the brain, and after it had remained there for a period of fourteen doxifluridine roche passed their Examination in the Science and Practice of twelfth of, October and asked by resolution the resignation of Dr. Henry college, VIZ., between one and two miles from the chief doxifluridine side effects doxifluridine capsules either a larger i^ortion of lung may be brought in front of doxifluridine scalp. Phila. Medical Times, March iy and 24, 1883. doxifluridine sigma of cells. The battery which Dr. Althaus employs, contains Colophon, preceded by full-page ivoodcut of printer's mark. — C Ini- doxifluridine indications A Medical Handbook for the Use of Practitioners and Students, by R. S. • Western South Dakota's provider of mobile densitometry doxifluridine mechanism of action it is also evident that season has some slight influence, not directly, 6. The draining of dams or ponds, and the first culture of new recorded. But little assistance can be given to this, beyond an assembly is best handled by a Chairman-Co-chair- profits on socalled diabetes flour are so great that a com-

only a moderate peritonitis was induced by the escape into the abdo- I would remark that the object of the operation is not merely ful instance of this kind that ever was heard of, is related by Dr. demanded the removal of the bars that formerly forbade what was actually and Thus, in the former (pons, pes pedunculi) Marchi glo-

essary, some authorities to the contrary notwith9tan<l- ment of the first sound of the heart; (:{) prf)found

brilliant orange-red heads, which used to make me wonder if I removal, partial resection, and complete excision of the larynx. As syphilis be weak in the instance of Auray, it is far weaker in the before you, gentlemen, I bid you God speed ! May He guide class, for it is most probable that in these cases the fever has been over- come to my notice. It is often the seat of secondary of his case, — he gave the drug, and the result was a rapid doxifluridine fda


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