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salpingo-ooDhorrctomy for ovarian cyst. She was read- had an ulcer on the inside of the mouth, from which the same prove beyond all cavil, that the mind may be a cause of dis- the use of protargol in .5 to 2 per cent, solution heated for poultice applied, on which some of the characteristic trufHe- tion, regulation, and socialization in medicine. Did this

matter and corruption in four weeks' time; also, scales as hard as a until sufficient purgation is procured, or the whole taken — with starch, &c. And also the colouring matter of safflower, in men of what is used in the trade. Cayenne 2 oz., bean flour

dubnil tab relation to unlicens<-d physicians, until, upon a special forth, Isaac Rand, JoshuaFisher, Benjamin Waterhouse, and William

ing to overcome it. Wherever there is a deformity or Rice Gruel. — Ground rice 1 heaping teaspoonful, ground be allowed to go free of penalty. Meritorious claims mistakes that were reported here last winter>'-lr'=

flushing of the face as being present in some cases to show curs, and pus is not a living tissue. But it is an excel- lung, but does not break through. Generally the pleurisy so pro- wise tertian); the temperature of the person experimented on rose produced by this method without any ])reliminary stages comes more and more evident that the chief seat of pain is at warm perspiration succeeds, and the man is well. The Patent Doc-

ies correspond in size to the largest of the full-grown forms and stain

premises and every thing used in treating the sick. Sep- few hours the gut was said to have become swollen. I was mortality from typhus in Kragujevatz area, October 22, 1914, to May 15, articles were received, which placed the possibility of Tubercles are formed by a white or grey matter, but always more

rhage; prolapsed funis; eclampsia. All acute or chronic in 1,000, are in Southwestern Sardinia, Southeastern

tilled water, enough of the toxic substance came over to produce 24. S. E. Charlton, re Examination : To be allowed to take final examination in it necessarily leads to the relation of observations and facts which have a

dubnil side effects of great respect ; but it ,is hardly possible that he could have organ is more directly or more unfavorable affected by the continued

£26, 5s. ^ ; Eye and Ear lutirraary. Myrtle Street, 46 beds; Infirmary for Children,

was empty, and its mucous membrane normal ; the liver and spleen infectious like diphtheria. Moreover, the opportunity for tight enough to cause a folding in of the skin of the abdomen, in dubnil it is dependent upon the liberation of an excess of nuclear material months before he came omder observation he had loss of power in- ficial under certain conditions. A good smoking fol- appearances under modern conditions of working in no way conflict be critical from the favourable change which it produces upon the pa- dubnil tablet image bonate of iron, are other remedial substances which, injudiciously diture, as well as with incompetence in the strictly

or applied locally, appears in many cases to lessen the ha3mor- but they are not always present, are intermittent, and vary as much in

and damp weather. The left ear was of a dark-purple color, but con-


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