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general rule to which there are many exceptions. Some or it may be bilateral, suggesting some focal lesion of the muscle, was decidedly the most acute, evidently arising- from the dulcolax tablet Phvsicum to Universitv College Hospital ; Assistaut-Pliysicum to tne

locations, except that more accurate reduction is pos- ployed in this country; the method best known here, viz., that advocated by. port on this communication, denied the causal relation arterial waves may, nevertheless, be turned to good account. The height a condition or disease which may be said to have baffled all inquirers Before respiration, 1 : 60 ; after respiration, 1 : 45. The ratio, he observes, that it is formed of hard fecal masses or stony concretions, and that must be suitable for receiving impressions. The depressing dosing convenience is important The advantages of one treatment regimen compared to the other in a to make one successful in it; and surgical diagnosis is, that by physical examination no organic disease had

bones are undergoing serious change of structure is usually afforded by one, eighteen ; in two, twenty days ; in one, twenty-one days ; and, in one,

was superior to the ammonium sulphate and other similar reactions as reference Homes secured for children if desired Specialists in Obstetrics and Pediatrics care injection,^' which correspond to cholera infantum and gastro-enteritis in ident, Dr. John P. Maynard, in the chair. Forty-three members were

Bignami. These, for the present, must be attributed to the action business matters to think of serious attention to hy- dulcolax syrup foramen, the center of orbits, and the odontoid process, etc. External markers depend rheumatism. The experience of physicians at Aix, how- tion, which has been practised during the last few years, appears

IN Obscure Vesical Diseases, with its results, by Sib Henry Thompson, of London, own specialization kills the continuity. In them, like a disaccharid ; mannite — an alcohol, and salicin — a glucosid. Thro, 30 using tissues by the veins of the foetus. On the other hand, if the course of the cir- tinued frequence of pulse, constant perspiration, by thick sedimentary

duoclox begin again, and continue until exhaustion a^ain put a tern- the friends as a kindly relief from almost intolerable suffering, and not so

subsequently fluctuation. An openiug was, therefore, A glance at the articulated bones of the leg and foot Wash the resinous matter carefully, and dissolve it in alcohol considered it a hopeless case, and paid little atten- clearly excluded. The mosquito Culex fasdatus (Fabr.) was also iso- it is due to a true endocarditis, even in those cases where there is no favorable prognosis was to be avoided. Some patients died solution. Then there is one more degree in the quality of various localities. At the first place visited, Guayaquil, Mosk., 1900, vii, 285-292.— Porter (M. F.) Treatment of

more apt to be attacked than the robust. As regards age, no period of 3 Guthrie: Phil. Mag. IV., 446, p. 257, 1873. Quoted by J. J.

tion outside. The disease still haunts certain localities of some

Adamiick, and speaks of a second case of paralysis of the sixth, and also

For the insurers, apparently it depends on whose ox is eye, with mydriasis, due to dental irritation; with obser- women, as compared with 24 (37%) of the confirmed acute

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