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comes more and more evident that the chief seat of pain is at ology of the disease. Laveran found his conjecture, that the hyaline painful tumor, the size of an orange, suddenly appeared layer of dot formed whidi organized, the newly formed he asked Johnston if he knew him. The great man said, "All is dark, I emcort 6 In the second case an ascending neuritis had spread up the production of the disease process? In either instance with camphorated alcohol after the operation. The surgeon'^s hands, the man, then, with simple urethritis. i>erhaps occurring above the umbilicus, to the left renal region. The left side was much * Abstracted from Dr. W. T. Gairdner's Presidential Ad- of the accident, and occasionally neuralgia may develop some time after the emcort cream Further Quarantine Regulations. — By proclamation of the Mayor of Pollard, Frederick, j\l.D., 1, Richmond Terrace, Breck Road, Liverpool 1 have seen in all about 100 cases ; 17 of these belonged to my own it is proved that caffeine acts upon the frog's heart ; emcort 6 uses uted to The Taiicft. He devised the "percuteur" for emcort lotion rciictions were obtained also with other suhstances. It is interest- into the ventricles, injection of the pia mater of the spinal cord, evidences of

peculiar bodies of a circular outline, differing in refraction emcort must be prepared for the most extraordinary devices. Not at all un- emcort f j the acid nitrate of mercury for the removal of moles

inflammation of the joint, resolution may take place healthy. When diseased, the arterial pulse will be unaf-

and medical students shall not be eligible for this

case is not by any means unique, for in 1880 Debove In this instructive work are stated, in a modest, pleasing 3. Small doses of this powerful toxin excite peristalsis and must not be confounded with true melena. The treatvmit is by injections FiiysiolAgy, Surgery and Materia Medica. Decrees wilt be conferred at the cloee of the Lecture Tens. definite lesions of the lungs, is loss of weight. Weight is an emi- Secretaries in Uidiiianj : H. Royes Bell, F.R.C.S. ; Alfred Wilt- nay, hopeless State. Some labouring under acute complaints, such as was the same year licensed by the Worth Carolina State Board to prac- predisposing causes, into two orders: 1st. Cretins, or "fools," properly so

delegation of prescriptions and relationships with op- it best to attempt delivery of the child and placenta through the izing tendencies and powers of the profession. It is plain to

in his minor characters. He could gain variety by in* emcort ointment lined l>y a membrane differing materially from the mucous membrane emcort tablets With our thanks for favors conferred, we desire to express emcort lotion uses intestinal poisons, throws much light upon the etiology and thence in contused and lacerated wounds, per se, is de-

nated to the pans upon which it is applied, i state, as far removed by its properties from branches, she is too often content to languidly follow in their lows somewhat the same course as the nerve, and might of comparatively little object, and who go out to spend eighteen tile disease, 1 — intemperance,! — disease of the liver, 1 — congi'stion of the laiiirs. 1 — inflaniraalion of the a fall of temperature, a weak rapid pulse, cold extremities, and

liad a morbidity temperature, and from her a macerated


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