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lowing passages: "The profession and the fair sex owe you a deep debt of

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We might with equal propriety speak of a modification in

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and arm was relieved entirely, but there have been enlargements

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rate or independent pathology, which seems to play a part between

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Heat will melt iron, explode gunpowder, harden clay and

comparison of treatment with lisinopril versus enalapril for congestive heart failure

ers, dullness less marked, while at the upper part of the tu-

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distressing, and for several weeks before the operation, life

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tom of this disease except in childhood, and this correction should

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excitement of passion, the restless ambition which pervades

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Many different descriptions exist of disposition of the fibers

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until the third day (when I removed it below the ligature by a

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excess or deficiency of fibrine in the blood, or some physiolo-

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lovely, amiable, and beloved of our common humanity.

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stages of advancement. So, also, the same tumor, in different

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occurred to me in which I have seen remarkable effects produced

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fever was in irregular exacerbations — the surface sometimes in-

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ment of the University to assume a position of usefulness worthy of

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struation, but also in the intervals. — Med. Times and Gazette.

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from thence we have derived them, then are we entitled to

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duced by the fact of the muscles not being inserted into the head, but

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phragm — preventing asphyxia by inflating the lungs, — and

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had procured to destroy rats, and had accidentally placed in his wallet, with

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once in three hours; followed by R Nitrate potassa, gr. xv.;

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be taken, and the hearty meal deferred until rest has recruited

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followed. The rerlex movements gradually became more feeble,

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than might have been expected from a violent sprain." The

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ment of disease, and in obstetrics. I draw this conclusion from my

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the President, Dr.Meeker. The members in attendance left for their

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bougie two or three times a week for the purpose of overcoming

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an extent as the circumstances connected with our special

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due to this treatment, 5 out of 6 patients who were bathed in water

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action of the vomiting, appeared to aid materially the separation and


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