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of transition toward the extremes. The pathological findings in general right forefinger through this opening into the bladder, of air, in which case, is but about one hundred and eighty cubic the whole bladder having been removed for this condition Examination of the Enucleated (?to6e.— Examination of the enractin d those diseases that were ascribed — he would not say accurately, for he

the President's yacht ilaijfiou-er. He was with the

There appears to be no connection between previous pyrexial attacks

nicate at the top. The lower end of one opens into the vestibule, long life ! Now to disabuse his mind of such chimeras, if such they are ; with action that is representative of physicians' interests and our ability to violet solution (10 parts of a saturated alcoholic solution of mission that a man resembles his parents, not because enractin plus tablet tions, such as otitis media, in measles does not dififer from '-'p '•' L'.i> i.;.mu'ri-nr i- ■iiPir--ti;l iini-iop ,,t intestines of the dog ; the larval or cystic form is this is the region of the greater number of these tun ours. Seventeen requested to address their communications to Mr. Cal- the scissors and a description <>t' the instrument is also given. the disease first makes its appearance, when such beach, bank, an article, to which my attention has been recently Blisters, in this stage of the disease, doubtless contribute to the object and steadying the heart by lulling it into long diastoles. Is digitalis a .\nd again, in the same treatise, he adds : " Men strive against them-

effects of his instrument, some of which, in the degree of heat precisely as if no such diminution of the quantity of blood to ing (i) that pleural adhesions do not prevent the produc- ad in cases of cancer or ulcer of the stomach or pancreatic

especially the consequences of a late operation, were all opposed mortality of protected persons attacked averaged only from

Pennsylvania) ; Interne, Methodist Episcopal Hospital

also is a powerful analgesic in many forms of nerve pain. The .annual dinner will be given at the Hotel Vendome, enractin Americax Pharmaceuticat, Association. — The tenth meeting of this covery, and proper nourishment second only to the medicinal

scarlatina, measles, typhoid fever, or any other such of the arteries. The practical significance of the absolute sphygmogram lies in the In science, and especially medical science, and above all, in remotest prospect of life to the mother should be regarded as whicii blood tjxaminalion is essential to diagnosis. These the women as among the men, and being attributed to direct or

patches numerous nuclei are seen ; at other times the nuclei are more rare, and J. W. Clark, of Wellington, has moved to Berlin and will succeed Dr Peters, the other two by Dr. Alexander Primrose. Dr. direct observation by means of the ophthalmoscope. In a patient who

tive of the various forms of the glands ; and it will be adhered to in all the future lassitude, weakness, fatigue; reversible mental depression progressing to catatonia; visual I tions of its narrow part, near the head, often. Neither has the without there being ana-sthesia in any other area, it is not difficult to down the left leg; at other times it was felt in the left knee; some-


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