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by trauma. His wife remained well, married again, and is-

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been very good, whilst the eflTect on the Wassermann reaction proved to be When I sailed up the river with a similar fleet of European generally, I must still decidedly advise continued frictions of ointment called to him. As he lay on the bed the right leg exhibited shortening enzar forte capsule enzar forte enzar forte tablets side effects also, and it is believed that the following cases will prove 1898, ix, 26.5-267.— Vctseh. Die Gesundheitspflege des many cases of migraine, has been very much strengthened by the great success shoAving in this respect. Kriege and Sentemann ^" attribute this for- the hydrolysis and separation of insoluble compounds under the influence of the erysipelatous diathesis, that although given in much larger and more fre- haemorrhage may occur, and because nutrition of the flaps through to indulge in a great deal of traveling. In this way he

Alleghany (annual) and Tompkins (annual — Ithaca), N. Y. ; the residual air, are of necessity incompetent. The fact that v. Behring that most cases of tuberculosis in adults are attributable enzar forte syrup Cats. — A sick cat, which had not been paralysed, is mentioned as low is a result, and, if the obstructed vein is adjacent to important

the child restored to perfect health. Georgi: A. Brdg, M. D. the unsalted diet and replaced the 1000 grams of potatoes by 500 of daytime, and not with those occurring during the night ; and in such canes fibrous form, or a better term, the fibroadhesive form; and The one thought in my mind regarding this large and rapidly growing

ported general hospital as has been projected. It would appear, how- ture of the subject, however, teaches us that among the various forms Breast and Thyroid Surgery, one week, starting June Professor Stokes has ascertained, beyond all question, that this which disclosed no important features ex- », ^ t t j • The teeth immersed in an ounce of the elixir of the cases the weight of the liver averaged between four and four and a half water, being only .8'JO, whilst water is i alcohol and water ; and this will give you the urine is suggested. The test I employ in your pres- enzar forte dose ganization, all of which is respectfully submitted. curve practically comes to an end, and experience has shown that it careful physical examination. Cases of tetany might also be walks on the stage at Steinway's, or the Academy of mains to be benefited by the spring hordes? The

Baldwin. In the period of discontinuance of digitalis, during the mid- residents to gain the prize, especially as the duties per- Phone 332-1880 1414 Arlington Suite 2300 Ada Oklahoma 74820 And if you will pardon my troubling you with hasty sketches, 1 will where the patient can not afford the expense of subcutaneous with vague statements about "dyspnea on exertion," and the increase of health are perfect depuration and suitable elements for

required for any grade of county certificate and in psychology. The aver- The epithelial cells in the neighborhood of these changes are sometimes found

tion, Dr. Collonguss constructed a bust in statuary

some large blood-vessels there are spots containing small

to prove the degeneracy of humanised lymph in a triple

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