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dent at liberty, if he likes, to neglect familiai-ity with
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j the stomach to Dr. Herapath, of Bristol, for analysis.
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Surgeons — Mr. Stubbs, Mr. Long, Mr. E. R. Bickersteth.
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a most extended practice) " eyes of normal conform-
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politics, and was a strenuous defender of Church and
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to-day in an aspect and relationship which, I hope,
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mination. The vagina I found full of clots; the os uteri
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minally flattering my " able discussion" of the sub-
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merely enduring and passive, require force for their
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gen by the electrical spark: I held as it were the life
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the ill-clad, Hi-fed, Ol-novu-ished, and sometimes im-
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of this fluid, however, diminished the enormous tension of the abdo-
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allowing it to fall on a cool surface, becomes solidifled j
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thin, sallow, anxious-faced man of business, and the
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the Voice from Derby to Bedlam as the culprit. Whether
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bability offer themselves for re-election. The election comes off
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troduction. Address " S. 1055," Mr. Langley, as above.
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tinum, iridium, and some otlier metals of similar character, acted at
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over acted wisely for its interests and for those of the
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obstinate ; but it was ultimately entirely'' checked by
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themselves too much, they exercise theii- talents upon
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is iuipossible ; I mean in cases of multilocular cyst,
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assist him. He is sure that he not only receives this
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pulsation the sac remains fuU, the object is attained,
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ties, subcutaneous punctui-e of the uniting medium,
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to-day in an aspect and relationship which, I hope,


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