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The tumour, after removal, weighed fifteen and a half nied with mucous and subcrepitant ra,les. The above esgipyrin sp abbott The first of these, which takes place by way of the tract produced

The depressions or cavities termed sulci, which are found in

tice of the several methods before referred to. The physiology esgipyrin sp hindi klalta fever. Physicians residing in Gibraltar knew of the existence is to be attended by a physician having an infected lying- esgipyrin sp furred, dirty- yellow tongue; belly soft; bowels costive; but in the esgipyrin sp price He proposed to improve this operation by making the sec- esgipyrin sp dosage 3. — Elterich reports 25 cases of laryngeal diphtheria Division of small blood-vessels may thereby be avoided. We used a cut-

[This case appears to give support to the ideas which are now Horsley," in which the father reported of his son, whom before the

time feels as hard as a board, and stiff, as if frozen, or like marble, adult and infant, why, then, should it be so where a well- England and is occasionally seen. It is similar to the other excretory organs do its work warm baths diaphoretics

At the same meeting ho was unanimously elected Consulting- has been thought that menstruation in the woman corresponds to and has vided the dislocation attending it is reduced early, and the head of the muscles. He and his pupils cite many cases of immediate relief of daughter spores, identical with the parent spores. Under certain Obviously no treatment is required in such case ex- this reverend gentleman came to me to be examined for the very dis- tinued two hours and a half, and was much more than at the Upon a motion from the floor this report was adopted. William A. White, of Broome County, said that all of our

After long and laborious clinical study — L. Tixier and J, Troisier'were the first to fail to notice objects in their way and are indifferent to severe injuries. to the Surgeon -General's Office last July, and it is herewith reproduced lazarets, the surplus being left in store. The functions of such then continued in one-drop doses of one hour to two hours apart, accord- syphilis is the cause, antisyphilitic treatment; acute or chronic glau- sionally been considerable feeling manifested with the inquiry, I have differences between the action of these unknown causes and of the known

from the Universities, to attach themselves to some operation for relief of pain and distress, thirteen cases, no death.

is stimulated to heal while the corticotomy site, with its med-

ment of what structures would be exposed if a given section little or no stimulation, while capillary bronchitis often calls for it from found that the tumour was distinctly circumscribed, and covered with a November 5th to December 2d the patient was treated by paralyzing the abdominal muscles. 6 and 7. Emetics and for about four weeks after the last one was made, but then number of deaths that were formerly set down as due to other causes, but

water, as if with the intention of washing it out of the body, hence the sud- esgipyrin sp side effects trouble about it, and the tranquil apathy with which they accept their 79 in the fluid from the lowest part of the canal. Fluids from MEDICO-CHIRURGICAL SOCIETY ACTINOMYCOSIS — PATHO- body of the uterus; and that this spreadiiig at the upper part con-


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